Album Review: Health, Wealth, Success, and Happiness Mixtape – MOD SUN

Health, Wealth, Success, and Happiness

Health, Wealth, Success, and Happiness

Let me start off by saying this, MOD SUN (MODern SUNshine, Movement On Dreams, Stand Under None) has become my favorite rapper. Not just my favorite white rapper (shoutout to Shady, B. Reith, and that “I love college kid”), but favorite overall.

Derek Smith (ex drummer for Four Letter Lie) is the real deal. He has reinvented hip hop and established a new genre untouched by anyone else in the business, Hippy-Hop. This comes from the all around good feelings MOD SUN gives off. The guy never has a bad day. I’ve never heard of anybody as positive as Derek Smith (who sometimes goes by Dylan). His music, fantastic. Straight from Blooming Sounds studios his beats and upbeat rhymes come flowing faster than water over New Orleans levees.

Down to the review.

Artist: Mod Sun
Album: Health, Wealth, Success, and Happiness
Release Date: Dec. 30th, 2010
01 – Art
02 – Tye Dye The Night (prod by JCW)
03 – Highly Motivated (prod by JCW)
04 – Pass It My Way ft. Pat Brown
05 – Become My Life ft. Jonny Craig (prod by JCW & Zach Garren)
06 – Bars Of The Sun (prod by MOD SUN)
07 – Australia New Zealand (prod by MOD SUN)
08 – Got To Be There ft. Meta (prod by JCW)
09 – Where Were You (prod by MOD SUN)
10 – I Do It ft. Big Has (prod by JCW)
11 – Time To Celebrate (prod by Dave Siegel)

01. “Art”
A little explanation of who MOD SUN is, why he does it, how to listen to this mixtape, inspirational diddies.

02. “Tye Dye The Night”
He starts by lighting a “candle”. A smooth, jazzy beat in the background (made by James Chase Wilcox). I love this beat. It makes you feel good. Smith goes into his rhymes. Again, he is just happy. This song is really about enjoying what you have, staying positive, and not thinking about the non materialistic shit that most rappers care about (50, I’m talking to you). This is one of my favorite tracks from him by far.
Key lyrics: “Money’s cool, but I’d rather make some memories.”, “No matter the amount of negativity you’re presented with, 5 minutes from now could be your best moment.”

03. “Highly Motivated”
This track kinda explains itself, he speaks of his plans and path to where he is. He makes references to his biggest influence in getting started, Hanson.

04. “Pass it My Way”
Groovy Sega reminiscent beat. Digging it. Best part of this track is an appearance from partner Pat Brown (Good Problems, ex Sing it Loud frontman.) Singing a pop punk verse mid song.

05. “Become My Life”
Probably MOD SUN’s most notable collaboration to date. Jonny Craig (Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance) is a close friend of Smith’s. He is currently staying with MOD SUN and working on some songs at Blooming Sounds. The song is really chill and show cases Craig’s vocal prowess (which has caused many the vocal squeaks when sung by myself in my car or shower) and MOD SUN’s catchy rhymes. A good track to get anyone hooked on some Modern Sunshine.

06. “Bars of the Sun”
Funky beat. This song is really fun. Fast paced rhymes. Jim Morrison, Scooby Doo, and drug references. He mentions looking forward, making goals, and reaching them. MOD SUN does indeed have big goals, and I have no doubt he will reach them.

07. “Australia New Zealand”
MOD SUN tells ’em how do live. More positives. Do you.

08. “Got to Be There”
This song features Meta, who I was not familiar with. But he is pretty good. I’ll have to find some more of his stuff.

09. “Where Were You”
I love this track. Maybe its because he sampled Oasis’ “Champagne Supernova” which is one of the coolest songs ever recorded. This song is quite obviously about getting high. More zig-zag references. Clever innuendos. MOD SUN also vocalized his thoughts on legalization. “LEGALIZE!”

10. “I Do It”
This one feature Big Has. I’m not really into underground (or aboveground) rap. So this is another new name. Anywho, the beat is smooth and jazzy. This song is all about working towards something good. “Before you go to sleep at night, can you successfully say that you were impacting the world in a good way?”

11. “Time To Celebrate”
This was gonna be the first single on In MOD We Trust, but made it on here instead. This song is a lot like his Party in the USA rap from How to Make a MOD SUN. But I’m not complaining. this song is catchy. Fun party song.

Health, Wealth, Success, and Happiness is a sweet mixtape. Its free, its fun, its fantastic. MOD SUN is the shit.

Find the download link here:

Who to follow: @MODSUN, @thepatbrown @thejcw @jonnycraig4l @bloomingsounds

Shout out to MOD SUN’s #friendbase

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