First Post: Jerry Roush kicked from OM&M. Austin Carlile back in the band.

Today at about 5:00pm, Alternative Press tweeted a link to some strange news. Of Mice & Men have poorly decided to replace Jerry Roush (Sky Eats airplane) with originating member and vocalist Austin Carlile (Attack Attack!, overall douchbaggery). This band isn’t even that good. People only know them because of the drama they cause. They make bad decision after bad decision. And this is their worst yet. I predict a total crash from this band within the year.

So what does Jerry think of the news? (The news he got when all of his fans did.)

Jerry Tweets: “hey everyone… after sacrificing a year out of my life to keep a band afloat and touring after they kicked out the original singer, i just got a call informing me that they are bringing him back and my services were no longer needed. They didnt offer me a reason. I think its a little odd seeing how they all talked epic amounts of shit on him the entire time. Anyway, i already have some new stuff up my sleeve and i WILL NOT stop. This isnt the last of Jerry Roush. Thanks to everyone who supported me… keep a lookout! :)”

“hey its not who’s better or whatever… that “band” if you can call them that have soooo many internal problems its a joke. They arent real”

“i was originally a fill in… never even heard of the band until they asked me to fill in ha. im not too butt hurt bout it. it is what it is”

“like i said… ive already got some shit up my sleeve thats a fresh look as opposed to a generic metalcore band. thanks for all the support!”

“Haha its seriously comedy how much shit they talked on austin and now hes back? somethins fishy round here, & im not talkin bout ur moms vag”

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One response to “First Post: Jerry Roush kicked from OM&M. Austin Carlile back in the band.

  • E'n Christianson

    I feel so bad for this dood. I wouldnt call him the best but he so is. He can carry notes, scream, and actually perform with feeling. Sucked to see him leave sea especially when zimmerman couldnt sing at like ALL. I hated seeing him go to of mice cause the band isn’t that amazing and their drummer (although impressive) is a PHACKING TOOL! PHUCK YOU VALENTINO! I look forward to anything Jerry decides to do at this point. Fuck those lame arse bands. Its time to lift up musicians.. well artists who are led by actual skill and conviction. Mr. Roush is one of hopefully zillions to step out and away from getting kicked in the teeth by no talentless hacks.

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