Direction (fitting, because this is kind of my Starting Line)

To everyone who has read my blog so far, and to everyone who will read in the future, thank you. It means a lot. When I write something and post it here, its meant to be read. I don’t like taking up web space for no reason. Again, thank you.

Now, I have something to ask of you. This blog isn’t just for me. It’s for the reader. So, I want to write what the reader wants to read. Tell me, what do you want out of this blog? There are hundreds of music blogs on the web, many have been around longer than I have (3 days). So what is it that they aren’t doing that you want? I’m open for any ideas you may have.

I’m going to stay true to my thoughts, but I want this to be a fun read that you will look forward to everyday.

If you have ideas, comments, questions, etc. Feel free to comment here, or email me at

Cheers! 8]


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