Jonny Craig: Solo Album 2

Jonny Craig

Jonny Craig



According to MOD SUN (Kevin Smith) and Jonny Craig, Jonny is recording at least part of his solo album at Blooming Sounds Studios. It is being produced by MOD SUN’s production team.

“Im working on the new @jonnycraig4L record. Me and pat got a serious production team comin outta @BloomingSounds” – @MODSUN

“This cd we are making right Now is what I was born for… Try and say i don’t have heart bitch” – @Jonnycraig4l

“I swear me @MODSUN @jonnycraig4L and @iamdjbeanie are an unstoppable team” – @thepatbrown

“Changing my music style as of tonight. This beat is fucking ill!!!” – @jonnycraig4L

“Just had a bday dinner with the fam. Now about to head up to @BloomingSounds to work on new @jonnycraig4L songs with @MODSUN all night” – @thepatbrown

I’m excited. I loved Jonny’s first solo album, and I love MOD SUN. This album is going to be fantastic.

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