Craig Owens Speaks: The “Sex Tape”

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Hey everyone!

I’m sure you guys are wondering what exactly is going on, and, as always, I want to be as up front with you as possible right off the bat.

So, let’s address this massive elephant in the room: the “sex tape” photos and video.

For some reason it is embedded into our nature as humans to be interested in the lives of others. Good, bad or indifferent, this is simply how we are wired.

Each and every day we read the gossip in blogs, magazines, on the internet, see on the news, discuss in the halls and at the dinner table; being interested in others is just a part of the way that we operate. Whether it be celebrities, your friends, or your neighbors, we have this odd and utter fascination with something beyond our own selves (we’re all guilty, myself included). And unfortunately, nowadays in music, it seems to be more and more about the scandals and the gossip rather than the message and, most importantly, the music. We’re quick to tear others down based upon what we WANT to believe is true in our own minds, not what is actual truth and the music becomes pushed into the background.

As some of you know, I try to leave my lyrics completely open for you to personally interpret them, but a line in our new song ‘Sex Life’ that reads ‘If you had a sex life, would you even worry about mine?’ meant so much to me, and stuck out so much that I really wanted to figure out a way to truly illustrate its meaning. I wanted to do something fun, but prove a point. I wanted to do something that that would engage all of us at a different level and most importantly, get us all thinking. I wanted to create something that hit hard – even for the non-listeners, so that we could finally put all of the petty bullshit behind us and focus on what our band is really here for: the music. If everyone’s private / personal business is so important to us, that we have to scream it from rooftops, stretch the truth to it’s thinnest point while over exaggerating details, all just to tear others down.. well, then it brings us right back to the line.. ‘If you had a sex life, would you even worry about mine?’

We all have more than enough to worry about in our own lives, no matter who we are. Let’s not get caught up in the unimportant garbage.

Through the mindless chatter we’ve all read the past few days I think that it would serve us all well to ask ourselves these questions: What is it that you really care about here? Is it the music itself? Or is it all of the distractions that surround it?

I know that I may be coming across as “preachy”, and you could say that exactly what we did here was take the focus away from the music, and you’d be partially correct, but you all need to know that the intent behind it was so that the focus would return 100% to the reason that we are here: Music! What we create and everything we do around it, is solely for and about the music that we create; simple as that. Everything we do is for those of you who love and enjoy our music. Who love music, period. We are going to bust our asses for you and never give you any less than what you deserve. We will be touring non-stop, writing and delivering new songs to you as often as possible. We hope that you are as excited about this new adventure as much as we are.

In doing this I simply wanted to convey, in a creative way, the human knee jerk reaction to be so interested in someone else’s personal life. I really hope that no one has taken this the wrong way. I can only hope, that maybe, our little stunt here may cause some of us to stop and think about why it exactly is that we even enjoy music in the first place.

Now as for Raven: She is a friend of a friend, and was such a great asset in helping to bring this idea to life. We are friends, no more than that, and I hope we continue to remain friends in the future. Despite what it may look like, things never went past what you see in the pictures/video. She’s a true professional, and I don’t think anyone else could have made me feel comfortable doing something so uncomfortable to me like she did.

If you’re around later, I would love to chat with all of you and discuss the tape/photos, the song, its meaning, and anything else you guys want to talk about. I’m sending this from a flight now, but I land out in L.A. at 7:30 PST. We’ll head to Matt’s straight from the airport and do a video chat. I’ll be with Adam, Matt and maybe Nick too. Sound good? I’ll send over links to chat at my twitter and We’ll be on soon! Let’s talk more about this and the new songs!

I’m excited for you to be able to hear the entire song “Sex Life” tomorrow so you can listen to the lyrics and understand why it was so important for me to do this. For now, I have posted the lyrics below for you to look at and interpret in your own way. Apply them to your life. The best part about music, to me, is the romanticism involved. How we can take lyrics from a total stranger, and let them in. We let them change who we are as people, we find strength within them, and we apply as we see fit. This may not be so for all of you.. and it may come across as a bit cheesy, but music has always been there for me when I needed it. How about you?

I honestly can’t say this enough, but thank you all for sticking with me through thick and thin, always. You mean the world to me, and as long as you are here standing by my side, I will proudly stand next to yours.

Love you guys.


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