D.R.U.G.S: “Sex Life” Lyrics

As posted on Craig Owens’ Blog

The song is set to release January 18th.

Sex Life
Desperation, before I hit the ground
Reaching out for something
We’ve lost it all before
And we still want something more
We want it all

Can’t make you shake the way that I do
Can’t make you love
The way that you’re supposed to
And when you come crawling back
You’ll see we can’t change the past
For the first time
I see you for who you really are

If you had a sex life, a sex life
Would you even worry about mine
When your bed is empty
You’re a waste of time

This love was made to hate what you are
You sold yourself and can’t come back, you’re too far
And when you turn you around
You see yourself on the ground
And for the first time
No one cares just who you really are


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