Bayside: Win a Nike Destroyer Jacket!

Here is what was sent to those on Bayside’s mailing list.

“Hey Everyone! Want to own the most exclusive piece of Bayside Merchandise ever?

We recently designed a one-of-a-kind Nike Destroyer Jacket while visiting The Nike Stadium store on Bowery in NYC. Only band members have these jackets, here is your chance to have the only extra one made!

We are Launching the Killing Time video contest, as a way to help us spread the word about the album. You can make your own video from scratch or use video clips that we have made for you. Be creative, be smart and have fun, show the world why we have the best and most loyal fans around. Head to to get started and submit your video!


Preorder Killing Time Here:
Official Store ( CD )
SmartPunk (Signed booklet for a limited time.)

NEW! Bayside Official Website:

Who To Follow: @BaysideBand


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