Concert Review: Bayside/The Sleeping/Terrible Things @ The Grog Shop Cleveland

Date: 1/15/11
Venue: Grog Shop – Cleveland

Call it Fiction
Starting off was Akron, Ohio native band Call It Fiction. They play very catchy Pop Punk. I’ve heard of these guys before and actually seeing them play was a treat. I’ll see them again I’m sure. At their merch table they had $2 Demos each with a personalized drawing. Mine had a troll. It is three tracks of awesome and it has been on repeat for over an hour now. We’re Rolling Deeep!

Terrible Things
Let me start by saying I’d heard good things about the Terrible Things. I didn’t really know what to expect from them. All I really knew was it was a star lineup containing members of some of my favorite bands.

They started off their set with “Terrible Things.” This song got the crowd moving and I really enjoyed it. I forget the order and I forgot a few songs, but they played “Revolution”, “Lullaby” and “Conspiracy“. The reason I remember these is simple, they are great songs. I want anyone who reads this to go out and get the CD so you can see what I mean. The CD is great, but honestly, they were better live. Great band.

As for the band, it was cool to see Josh Eppard (Coheed and Cambria) slam away on the drums. I never got to see him while was with Co&Ca. Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit) is a very good guitarist. He really gets into every song he plays. Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday, The Color Fred, Breaking Pangaea) was awesome. He is 1. A solid vocalist. I didn’t hear a bad note their whole set. 2. A very personable guy. After his set, he went off to the merch table to meet fans. There really weren’t that many over there due to the headliner, Bayside playing, but I went over as Bayside was playing their last 2 songs so I could say hello. I asked him which Terrible Things Shirt he preferred, as any good salesman, he said, with his very charming smile, they were all good. I told him which one I wanted and he pulled it down. After paying, he shook my hand and said “hi I’m fred”. To which I replied, “I’m jake”. (This story is awesome huh?) We chit-chatted, I mentioned I was the guy he replied to on New Years Night about Damned Things vs. Terrible Things (Terrible Things first tweet in 2011 haha) I told him I liked them better than The Damned Things and he said thanks. He handed me a sticker and that was that. Great guy, very friendly, if I had more time, I would have most likely had a very good conversation with him. But getting out before the Post-Show Merch Rush was a must for my friends and I.

I’ll be seeing them next month.

The Sleeping
I had never listened to The Sleeping prior to the show. Now, I think I might. This band was crazy. They were all great musicians and vocalist Doug Robinson was the most energetic Lead I have ever seen live. He was head banging harder than I thought humanly possible. He was nearly crowd surfing at times and used a few of those in the front to push himself back up. The set was great and a lot of fans were really getting into it. A mosh circle was formed. I am a skinny guy. I have very little muscle, yet I was stuck on the edge of this circle. I’m all for getting into shows, but sometimes, there needs to be a limit. As I will tell soon, limits were pushed, then broken.

The band I and so many others came to see. A band that has been stuck in my head for about 6 years. Bayside is my favorite band and seeing them live for the first time was honestly a dream come true. I came with some friends to the show, one was one of my best friends “Tweet”. Tweet and I have both adored Bayside and I was happy to take him to his first concert.

Now, I don’t remember the full set list, I’ve done my best to recall what songs were played. I believe I have all the songs played, but not necessarily the order.

Set list:
1. The Walking Wounded
2. No One Understands
3. Duality
4. Already Gone
5. They’re Not Horses, They’re Unicorns
6. Masterpeice
7. We’ll Be Ok
8. Existing in Crisis (Evelyn) (Feat. Fred Mascherino)
9. Sick, Sick, Sick
10. Landing Feet First
11. Montauk
12. Blame it on Bad Luck
13. I and I
Encore Songs
14. My Name is Jonas (Cover)
15.Devotion and Desire

All of these songs were performed flawlessly. Bayside has been doing it so well, for so long, that its just natural. Listening to Anthony Raneri sing live is just like it is on a Bayside record, Studio or Live. As I’ve said, Bayside is my favorite band. As most can relate, there is nothing like seeing your favorite band play. Being able to experience the songs I listen to so often live with my best friend was unbeatable. They played most of my favorite songs, “No One Understands”, “I and I”, “We’ll be Ok”, and my all time favorite song, “Landing Feet First” as well as some classics such as “Montauk”, “Masterpeice”, and of course “Devotion and Desire”. A special treat was Fred Mascherino taking Anthony’s spot on guitar while he fully embraced the mic for “Existing in Crisis (Evelyn)”. As an Encore, the band played “My Name is Jonas” by Weezer. That was fun and my friend, a major Weezer fanatic enjoyed it immensely.

I only have one bad thing to say about the show. There was a long haired, muscular, wife-beater-wearing stoner in the audience that was causing trouble. If you’ve gone to a lot of shows, you’d know the type I’m talking about. This dude was moshing when nobody else was and completely apart from the mosh pit. Moshing is alright by me. But when you are the only one doing it, and around those who don’t want to mosh, you need to stop. The line was crossed when he knocked over a girl. That didn’t fly with me or any of her friends. We told him to back off, and he did. At first. Soon after, he started up again, this time he punched a girl in the mouth. That didn’t bode well with her. She reached out and grabbed his nasty hair as he was sprinting the other way. He was jerked back and he turned around. He saw the girl and he had that Im-going-to-murder-you-and-hide-your-body-parts look. I shoved him into a bigger group of people and he came rushing back. At this point, 2 large security guys and a couple fans took him down. He kept fighting. This piece of trash wasn’t about to leave. Eventually they dragged his ass out into the street where it belonged. I hope he froze.

Its guys like this who really make a show unenjoyable. If I had more to say about this guys idiocy than the show. There is a problem. After his removal the show was 100x more enjoyable. Music lovers, when you go to shows, remember, we are all there for one purpose, and that’s the music. There isn’t any need to get excessively rowdy. Injuries are unnecessary. Just listen to the band and sing along. /rant

Overall, this concert was fantastic. If you’ve never been to a Bayside show, go. Its not just a group of scene kids and posers, its a diverse group of fans. I saw kids from high school sporting their Bird Tees and 40 year old dudes with Bayside Flat Bills. Bayside is a CULT and a cult I’m proud to be part of. See you at the next show.

*shout out to Quinn (@QuinnStarkey) , Sylvia (@Sylviax0), and Tweet.

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