Apps the Blackberry Needs

I live on my Blackberry Torch. I use it as my main connection to the world wide web. I even run this blog mainly from here. There are so many things I can do. However, there are a few things I can’t. Here is my “wish list” of apps for BB devices.

I help admin a little forum called D.R.U.G.S. Band Online. I can get onto the full site fine and dandy, but a mobile app would be so much easier. I am aware of an iPhone app in both basic and pro forms. Proboards has mentioned an app for Blackberry and Android may be in future development.

Stickam. It’s a fad that comes and goes based on what artists are using it. Currently, MOD SUN has been hosting his MOD SUNday live show from Stickam. And without proper internet at my abode, I’ve completely missed every episode. Stickam has an app for java enabled phones. I’ve installed it on my Torch. Browsing the menu is the extent of the capabilities on my platform. Stickam, please. Update. Just the viewer would be fine.

Tumblr for Blackberry looks great, but runs like crap. It needs a programing overhaul for new devices. The timeline is really screwed up and posting is a hassle with its plethora of connectivity issues. These complications are what spurred my switch to WordPress, Who’s app is fantastic.

Angry Birds
Angry Birds is the latest in flash game fads. Its a must have on any iPod or Android. However, it isn’t available for us BB users. Yes, the BB is mainly for the power user. Email being a key feature. However, sometimes you just want to stop working, and play for a while. That’s where Angry Birds SHOULD come in.

Youtube to mp3
Have you ever found a cool remix/cover/acoustic/bside song on youtube and think, I want that on my iPod/mp3 player? I have. My BB’s web browser works just fine when using youtube-mp3 websites. But a mobile app/mobile website would just make this so much easier. Developers, please make this.

This is the big one. MEDIAFIRE. I’m gonna keep this plain and simple. Mediafire needs an app the supports upload/download features we all use on our PC’s web browsers.

Please, web developers and engineers. Make these apps a reality!


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