Album Review: Slander – Dr. Acula

This is the first of 3 album reviews i’m going to be posting today. These reviews will be of albums that are being released today. The first is from the album “Slander” by Dr. Acula. If you haven’t heard of them they started out as a grindcore band but recently their last two albums they have gone to the Deathcore/Hardcore genre, which they do very well. “Slander” is a movie lined album, where at different parts of the songs they have lines from movies to give it a sense of humor or to set a certain tone to the album which I love. Dr. Acula has come from a joke grindcore band that never went passed 2 minutes for a song, to a listenable respectable band that can make face-melting metal.


Track list:

  1. Clinger (Stage 5)
  2. Fire Crotch (The Venereal Van Ride)
  3. Welcome to Camp Nightmare
  4. Currently Sexting
  5. Cocaine Avalanche
  6. Song Before the Song
  7. Pure and Immature (Goon)
  8. Who You Gonna Call?
  9. All Work No Play
  10. Slander
  11. Slampig (…And Then the Bitch)
  12. Party 2.0
  13. The Big Sleep

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