Album Review: Speaker of the Dead – Emmure

Sorry that I lied about sayng i was going to do 3 album reviews yesterday. I kinda got busy, but this is the 2nd of 3.
With 3 albums and 1 EP under their belt in the passed 5 years, Emmure has returned to full force with their latest release “Speaker of the Dead”. This album is waaayy better than 2009’s “Felonly”. Possily because they took more than a year between the last album this time. Who knows but all i know is that this album takes you back to 2007’s “Goodbye to the Gallows” and a glimplse of 2008’s “The Respect Issue”. If you want to get redemption from the bad taste that Felony may have left in your mouth, give Speaker of the Dead a listen.

01. Children of Cybertron (1:34)
02. Area 64-66 (2:33)
03. Dogs Get Put Down (3:03)
04. Demons With Ryu (3:02)
05. Solar Flare Homicide (3:50)
06. Eulogy of Giants (1:52)
07. Bohemian Grove (3:23)
08. 4 Poisons 3 Words (2:57)
09. Cries of Credo (2:44)
10. Last Words To Rose (2:55)
11. A Voice From Below (1:58)
12. Drug Dealer Friend (2:38)
13. My Name Is Thanos (2:09)
14. Lights Bring Salvation (2:27)
15. Word of Intulo (1:15)

Emmure will be supporting Asking Alexandria on the Reckless and Relentless Tour starting March 11th at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ, along with Chiodos, Miss May I, Evergreen Terrace and Lower Than Atlantis.

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