What to do if Jonny Craig scammed you.

According to the Jonny Craig Twitter Scam Group, these are the steps you should take if scammed:

Send money to Jonny Craig for a “MacBook” or anything else and never receive what you paid for?? this group is for you! let’s get our money back!!

Total accounted for so far (from indiestar article): $4950

If you have been scammed:
>contact your local police dept
>contact the lexington police dept
>if you want contact a lawyer or legal representative. they will probably refer you to small claims court for your individual case, but if you win he might not pay.
in the US anything over $1000 can be reported as grand larseny, but it might need to be a class action agains jonny craig
>contact your consumer affairs department relative to your state/country
report it as an online scam
>thers a document being compiled, add to it and edit it and it will be sent to everyone we can think of in the music scene
>if you paid on paypal/western union/money gram or anything else report the scam and try to get your money back (usually has to be immediately)

I’m currently compiling some accounts from those involved. If you have info please email curbsideaudioblog@gmail.com

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