Featured: ‘Jade Green’ Berkley – Her Jonny Craig Scam Story

As a loyal fan for many years, it pains me to have to say what I am about to say about the well-known vocalist, Jonny Craig. I’ve been a huge fan of Jonny Craig from the moment I heard his unique voice on the song She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty, by Pierce the Veil. This lead way to a love for Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, Isles & Glaciers, and even his solo project. So, you could understand why I would be excited when I learned of a Mac Book being sold by him. Jonny posted on his twitter account that he had a white Mac Book for sale, and was accepting $500 or best offer for it. This being such a low price, I tweeted to him right away, informing that I would even be willing to pay $600 for the computer. He told me to email him at istillfeelher@gmail.com, so I proceeded to do so stating:



On Feb 6, 2011, at 11:58 PM, “BER0653 – BERKLEY, JADE C” wrote:

Hey! I was interested in buying your computer! Mine crashed a few weeks back, so I’m pretty much in dire need of one for school and it would be a freaking honor to say I bought it from you. hahaha. Lemme know!



Jade Berkley



To which he responded:




From: Jonny [istillfeelher@gmail.com]

Sent: Monday, February 07, 2011 12:45 PM


Subject: Re: Computer


Text me asap I need it sold :) 504 388 0854
Sent from my iPhone



I sent a text to him, letting him know who I was, and that I was really interested in the computer. He told me that I needed to get to a Western Union or a Money gram location in order to transfer the cash for the computer to him, and that he would ship out the computer as soon as he received the money. I of course was extremely nervous about doing this. I questioned him about some things I was unsure of, but he assured me that I was not going to get “screwed over,” he promised. I decided that I would put my faith in my then singing idol, and drove myself to the nearest Wal-Mart (Belle Vernon, PA), and proceeded to make the transfer to Jonathan Craig in Lexington, Kentucky. I was informed that he would need a valid ID in order to pick up the money, which was a partial relief for me, knowing that some random person couldn’t just go and get the money. My total amount paid for the $500 transaction was $534.50.  I went back to my house here at my school, and continued to text Jonny. I asked if he got the money, and when he said yes, I asked if he was going to send the computer yet, but he said he would have to wait until the morning in order to send out the package, because the post office was closed. That was understandable since it was about 4:30pm when he said that he finally got the money out. I asked one last favor before I stopped bugging him for the day, and that was whether or not he could sign the computer as well. I got no answer. I then thought it was strange that he hadn’t yet asked for my address yet, so I sent another text giving him those details. A few days passed by, and on Friday, the 11th, I shot him a text asking when I could expect the computer, just so I could keep an eye out for it. He told me that it should already be here, but to give it until Monday, just in case. I waited it out until Tuesday, still with no sign of a computer. This is also when I started reading tweets, and posts about how he was scamming people. While Jonny was tweeting denial posts, others were tweeting about how he scammed them as well. This started making me nervous, and sounded a little fishy so I sent him a text asking what the deal was. I also sent him an email saying:


Seriously dude. I really hate bitching like this, but I mean, at least I’m not doing it over twitter, right? I’m just getting really frustrated because I mean, you said you had 4 computers, and yet there are more than 4 people complaining that they paid you for a computer and didn’t receive one. Not one single person has stuck up for you by saying that they in fact received one. Also, you deleted the tweets about the white macbook, so that looks a little fishy, too. So I mean, you can probably guess why I think I’m getting screwed, right? If I could afford it, and could afford to fail my classes, I wouldn’t be making a big deal about this. I just saw the opportunity to buy a computer from my legit favorite singer, thinking he was a good enough guy, and decided to take him up on it. So seriously, if you sent the computer, forreal, pleaseeee give me a tracking number/company. & If you didn’t send it, just be honest with me and tell me that, and send my money back to me asap, or I’m legit going to fail my classes, because I now have no money to buy a computer. I’m already wayyy backed up on my homework. If you lie to me, and I never get my computer, I’ll be forced to notify someone who can help my get my money back, as I have plenty of evidence suggesting that you and I were to be making a transaction for a computer that I never received. I’d hate to have to be the one to do something like that, so please, just make the right decision if you haven’t done so already…



He responded in a text, telling me “Please just call me today ok.” I tried to call. 3 times. Not a single answer. It went straight to the voicemail. More and more posts about this scam were coming up, and I was getting more and more stressed. I did in fact report him to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (www.ic3.gov). I also tried to call the Lexington police department to report him, but had to leave a message, and still am waiting for a return phone call. I then started trying to find the other people that he did this to. I searched on twitter for those making posts about it, found a few people, and got in contact with them. One girl submitted her story to Mind Equals Blown, an online magazine dedicated to music. This got the word out a bit more, and as I researched more I found a closed Facebook group for those who have been scammed by him. I requested to join, told them my story, and submitted my pictures of my receipts for evidence. We currently have 27 members that are claiming to have been scammed by Jonny Craig. The total amount taken is currently estimated at between $8,000 and $12,800.

            It’s really terrible that someone that was looked up to so much in the music industry for his amazing talent would do something of this caliber to his fans. Something needs to be done!



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