Dance Gavin Dance bassist comments on Jonny Craig allegations

Dance Gavin Dance’s bassist Eric Lodge commented on the recent criminal allegations towards Jonny Craig.

I’m writing this as a reaction/personal outlet to Jonny’s most recent actions. They strike me as disappointing, but in no way surprising. Selfish individuals often do egomaniacal things. In my opinion, this is consistent with his repertoire. However, in previous instances such selfishness didn’t come at the expense of his faithful fans. I plainly wanted everyone reading this to know that he acted as an individual, and this has nothing to do with any other members of DGD or even Emarosa. Many of you have every right to be angry. I wrote this with no intensions of defending Jonny; instead I would simply like those who are angry to understand the rightful direction of their emotion. As for any advice for Jonny… In the words of Elton John, “the bulldog is barking in the backyard”

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