Rumor Debunked: The Culprit Behind the Jonny Craig Scams?

Matt Lillie (former live bass player of The Best Week Ever) has “allegedly” been scamming people on eBay and Craigslist over “fake” Orange Amplifiers.

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Matt Lillie (Dear Luna, Best Week Ever) has admitted to scamming people. Shown in this video:

If you want to show your anger you can tweet him on his account at @HeyMattLillie

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2 responses to “Rumor Debunked: The Culprit Behind the Jonny Craig Scams?

  • mark minchkin

    how the fuck does this have anything to do with jonny craig’s stupid ass? so another bullshit post-hardcore clown is ripping people off on craigslist? that means that only one rip off artist exists? you’re a fucking retard.

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