Jonny Craig checks into rehab and Rise Records and Artery Foundation reimburse victims of scam.


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So I know that everyone is aware of the recent Jonny Craig scams. And I’m sure that everyone is even MORE aware of his incredible drug addiction. However, he is apparently trying to fix that unhealthy addiction by checking into a Northern Hollywood rehab center with help from ‘MusiCares’. Hopefully all of this isn’t just to hide the fact that he ripped off a ton of people. Or maybe it’s to gain back his reputation? Although, that reputation of his is so severed that I doubt he could ever make a comeback from all this. In other news, Rise Records and the Artery Foundation are “assuming financial responsibility” for all those victimized by Craig’s scams. So all in all, everyone is back to happiness. Except maybe Jonny, who is currently going through withdrawal and many many MANY interventions.

(Source: AP Magazine)


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