MTV2’s “Headbangers Bust”

So some of you may or may not have seen the 2011 Headbangers Ball, so I’ll just sum it up for you.

When Attack Attack! stated that they would be hosting the show, they really meant that Andrew Wetzel (drums) and Caleb Shomo (lead vox) would be hosting it. Oh well. A problem that was seen throughout the show was the cutting off of the hosts’ words. Every music video and commercial cut off what the two were talking about. Also, the 1-hour long show consisted of virtually 45 minutes of commercials… So that left me upset. It would just be horrendous if MTV actually had too much music on it, wouldn’t it?

The cutting off of the guys’ words was redeemed, however, with the opening music video of Attack Attack!’s song ‘Smokahontas’. I’ve already watched the video on YouTube, but it was just neat to see it on the television. After that, another music vid came on. This time it was Darkest Hour’s ‘Savor the Kill’ music video. It was an alright song, but I’ve never really listened to the band so it didn’t quite hold my attention.

After commercials and whatnot, Caleb was asked if he could tour with any band, who it would be. To which he answered Rage Against the Machine, saying that it would be “awesome, a crazy tour” and that he’s always looked up to them as a band.

After that small portion of social interaction, on came Those Who Lie Beneath with their music video for ‘Awaken’. I was excited all throughout this video because I’ve always wanted to watch a mediocre metal band playing in a corn crib…

After more “commercialing”, Shomo again took the spotlight from Wetzel and told a crazy tour story of how his shoes once came untied onstage so he just took them off  and a kid in the crowd kept tickling his feet. #Lawlzliterally.

MTV then finally played a video worth watching: Mychildren Mybride’s ‘Crimson Grim’. Off of their newest album “Lost Boy”. Luckily enough, it was my favorite song for the album and I was unaware they even had a video for it. So, naturally, it captivated me. Then Attack Attack!’s ‘Stick Stickly’ came on and I laughed all throughout that one…

So next was more commercials then a third video worth watching! ‘Prophecy’ by Asking Alexandria came on and I was pleased by how it caught my attention. They really are a pretty great band.

After that video ended, Shomo gave his advice on new-and-upcoming bands on how to get started in the ever-changing music industry.

More commercials…

Back to “music”.

Do any of you remember Lord of the Rings? Do you remember the dwarf, Gimli? Have you ever wanted to see him star as a lead vocalist in a music video? Well Crowbar did it best with their video for ‘The Cemetery Angels’. So if you like metal and L.O.T.R., then I highly recommend Crowbar’s ‘The Cemetery Angels’.

To end the show, MTV showed us Ozzy’s ‘Let it Die’ and Alter Bridge’s ‘Isolation’.

So all-in-all, the Headbangers Ball wasn’t impressive by any standards and left me hangin’. But then again, what would MTV be without a bunch of “music letdowns”?


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