August Burns Red: In the Studio

I realize this is somewhat late, but oh well.

Mid-February, Pennsylvania metalcore band August Burns Red announced that they would be going into the studio to record their fourth full-length album that has yet to be titled. Guitarist JB Brubaker led the interview held by AP Magazine. He said they were trying for something different than anything they’ve tried before, considering bands tend to get more bland and uninteresting as they progress through their musical career. Brubaker told interviewers that drummer Matt Greiner actually wrote a significantly emotional song about how their hometown came together after a fatal car accident. Another song on the upcoming album consists of a “classical” section mid-song. Also, the band is possibly going to try gang vocals in the background of some songs, which should be interesting to hear. So, overall, ABR is going for a new feel and they’re very confident with it. I think it’s safe to say that this new August Burns Red album will be getting many listens by their fans come summertime. (Album to be released early summer via Solid State Records.)

(Source: AP Magazine)


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