Cash Cash: “Love or Lust” Album Announcement

It seems as if Cash Cash has finished their new record entitled Love or Lust. The release date is April 19th, 2011 so get your neon clothing ready for this spring!

JP had this to say:
“Hey guys, it’s JP! i got some awesome news! our next full length record is finally finished!!! it’s going to be called “Love or Lust” the release date is set in stone for April 19th, 2011! i can’t wait for you all to hear it! i know a lot of you are probably saying “it’s about time dude”… me we know, haha this one definitely took a while to finish, but we are insanely proud of how it turned out and you will soon see it was worth the wait! it’s by far my favorite cd we’ve made….it has so muchhh energy and i promise you will be singing and dancing to it wayyy harder then our old stuff!!!

like our old stuff, we self produced, recorded, mixed and mastered this whole cd ourselves and got to do everything that we wanted with it. see the beauty behind cash cash is that we will never break up…there will never be a reason for us too…a lot of bands break up because they don’t have a manager, or agent, or record label to pay for recording their cd….we can fully produce, record, and master our own music!! we’ve been doing it from the start! so that being said, we don’t need to rely on labels, agents, or anyone to be a successful active band…we will always have the ability to record the music ourselves and release it! booooyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

anyways, back on track….this cd is made up of 10 brand new super dancey pop jams that will bump your brains out…we definitely turned up the heat on this record. every time we head back into the studio we tell ourselves..”we need to make sure this shit is way fresher then anything we’ve ever done” and so far we’ve been able to do that successfully each time around. “Love or Lust” has the classic sound of Cash Cash with a lot more synths and way beefer beats! overall, it just bumps way harder than anything we’ve ever done! ahhh i wish it was april 19th already and you guys could hear it! haha but no worries we wont make you wait all the way untill then without hearing anything…we’re going to be doing stickams chats once a week playing clips of the songs as well as posting a teaser up on our myspace with clips of each song! expect that very soon! :-)

so tell everyoneeeee and their mothers and their grandmothers that cash cash ain’t dead and we ain’t going anywhere…and ladies tell your dads to watch out…we’re all single this time around…haha

now all kidding aside….i don’t think we could have finished this record without all of our fans support. you guys fueled our fire and gave us the motivation we needed to complete it. having the ability to record our own music means jack shit if there’s nobody out there to listen to it…you guys singing along at the shows, tweeting us etc just brings smiles to all our faces and i thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for supporting and loving what we do…we’re friends for life guys. <3

~ Jean Paul"

Sounds promising!

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