Concert Review: Call it Fiction Release Show.

Saturday, March 5th

– Call It Fiction
– Second Time Around
– Love & Fear
– Fighting Words
– The Whenever Plan
– So Many Ways

Let me start of by saying that local shows are definitely worth it. If all you do is go to big name shows, you are missing out. The Call it Fiction release show was no exception. $10, a half a tank of gas, and an Arizona Tea or two and I was there.

Unfortunately, I was there about 20 minutes late. My good friend Quinn Starkey (drummer for Fighting Words) had originally been set to play 3rd or so, however after a lineup change, they were slotted for 1st. So, I got there just as the second band, Love & Fear got started. I don’t have much to say for this band, I wasn’t really listening. I was saying hello to some pals but they were alright.

The first band I was really watching was The Whenever Plan. This group really surprised me. A group of 5 high school kids making some great pop punk tunes. The lead singer looks 15 but sings exceptionally well. The blonde curly haired guitarist also had a great voice. Personable kid to boot. He did some very interesting things with his voice that I’ve only heard the pros do before. The best part of the set for me was the use of a violin. It isn’t often you see the utilization a violin in a local venue such as The Grog Shop. So, to the kid playing violin and singing, mad props. Keep it up. To the band, if you read this, hit me up. Let’s talk promo.

Next up was Second Time Around. I’ve heard about these guys from my band friends, but had never heard them play. I was into the energy, but it didn’t really grab me. Sorry.

After STA, was So Many Ways, this band came from Chicago to play. And they played! I really enjoyed this set. Lots of energy, great music, and a hardcore John Mayer cover. That’s right, these guys did a fantastic rendition of “Your Body is a Wonderland”! I want a recording of this, so guys, when you read this send one my way.

Finally, Call it Fiction took the stage. This band is special. They are oozing talent and charisma. Alex Gaskarth needs to watch his back, because Elliott Blair has some seriously good vocals. I wasn’t surprised to see that I wasn’t the only one to know a majority of the song’s lyrics. The EP had leaked the week before show time and I will admit that I downloaded it myself. Granted, I got my hard copy at the show that night. Nevertheless, the crowd was really getting into the pop punk sound. Alex Tucker was blasting away on the synth, while Alex Hylton sang backup. Both Alex and Elliott have great voices that compliment each other greatly. Nick Rinaldo was strumming out some seriously catchy rhythms while Brandon Young kept beating our hearts (and drums). The set was flawless, they played a majority of the new EP as well as some old favorites. On the last 2 songs, the musicians from the supporting bands decided to give the Call It Fiction show a taste of gang vocals. Stealing Alex Tucker’s Mic, the guys screamed the lyrics producing the best example of musical kinship I can recall ever witnessing.

It was a great show and I plan on seeing many of these bands many more times. If you live in Ohio, check out Call It Fiction at a show. If you live elsewhere, you can check them out on Purevolume or get their newest EP on iTunes and Amazon

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