Promo: VoxBloc – A Social Music Promotion Site! #voxbloc

I just recently joined the VoxBloc community. So far, I can tell it’s new, but has promise. The premise of the site is simple. Share, follow, and “like” things and in turn you get points to spend on things such as Show Tickets/Contests/Merch/Music/ and more. There are featured bands, businesses and products, all tied into the alternative music business.

Signing up is simple. Visit and click the Sign in with Facebook button. Done! Now all you have to do is go to the share tab! share the bands you like, spend points, everyone wins!

Everyone is allowed 6 (per network: Facebook and Twitter) shares at any given time. This prevents over sharing on your timelines. That way your friends aren’t getting pissy over your posts. But don’t worry! Wait a few hours and you can share more! As time goes on, your shares are refreshed! I’ve only been using VoxBloc for around 24 hours but I’m already reaping the benefits!

Start VoxBloc today!

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