Frank Turner releases tracklist for “England Keep My Bones”

England Keep My Bones will be released June 6th via Xtra Mile Recordings.

  1. Eulogy – 1:34
  2. Peggy Sang The Blues – 3:33
  3. I Still Believe – 3:45
  4. Rivers – 4:34
  5. I Am Disappeared – 4:47
  6. English Curse – 2:17
  7. One Foot Before The Other – 3:26
  8. If Ever I Stray – 2:54
  9. WessexBoy – 3:34
  10. Nights Become Days – 4:26
  11. Redemption – 4:48
  12. Glory Hallelujah – 4:30

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One response to “Frank Turner releases tracklist for “England Keep My Bones”

  • Jordan Grant

    Can’t wait for this album, going to see him in a few hours! :D
    This’ll eb my.. fifth(?) time seeing him, first time it’ll be JUST him though.

    My only gripe with this album, love the cover and the name, is that I Still Believe is on it.

    Now, it’s probably just me being stupid, but, does anyone else hate it when songs are on an EP then an album, I don’t know why but it really bugs me… :/

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