(Belated) Farewell to Freeway New Album Released

Okay so I may be 3 months behind on this but sue me, I just found out about it today. Guelph, Ontario, Canada’s Farewell to Freeway has released their third album Filthy Habits on Jan 21st. So if you haven’t listened to it or didn’t know that they released a new album like I did and are a fan, check it out. They ususally don’t disappoint.

1. Liquor? I Don’t Even Know ‘Er [3:51]
2. Afterlife Lottery [2:33]
3. Usurper [3:06]
4. Inside Influence [3:16]
5. Top Gun [2:58]
6. Bones And Tissue [1:43]
7. Dharma’s A Bitch [3:27]
8. [1:55]
9. Token Ain’t Weezy [2:55]
10. Spare Parts [3:40]
11. Rico’s Roughnecks [2:27]
12. Blood Boils Quick Than Water [3:35]

(Actual video is on youtube. It wouldn’t play on here)

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