More Amor recording new song

Cali pop duet More Amor are currently in the studio working on a new song. They have released one album and one EP and are unsigned, surprisingly enough. Below is their discography.

More Amor (2008)

  1. Six Weeks at Sixteen
  2. Little Bit
  3. Same Damn Song
  4. Young Hollywood
  5. Fold It Up
  6. O.B. Forever
  7. Cheelisal
  8. Hey Lover
  9. Del Mar
  10. Planet Us
  11. 27  Heavens
  12. So Long Answers
  13. This Is On My Best Friend
  14. This Is High

Thanks? (EP. 2011)

  1. Frendz
  2. Mine
  3. Miss Martyr
  4. Sloppy Little Kisses
  5. Like Monday
  6. Young Hollywood


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