Stripped Down: “Worst Thing I’ve Been Cursed With”

The lead vocalist for Main-based pop band Sparks the Rescue, Alex Roy sat down with AP Magazine and explained the meaning behind each of the songs on their newest album, “Worst Thing I’ve Been Cursed With”.

“Saturday Skin”
We chose this song as the opening track because it has a lot of energy because of a guitar synth line and booming drums. It’s about this weeklong period I had a few summers ago. I had a girl who wasn’t exactly used to the rock ‘n’ roll life style. It’s about all the parties and shows we went to in Boston. The chorus is lyrically very raw.

“She’s A Bitch And I’m A Fool”
The title kind of explains itself. It’s about a break-up and realizing you weren’t treated the way you should have been. I fought with photographs; looking back got the best of me. There are really cool guitar riffs in this song, and I think the chorus came out huge.

“The Weirdest Way”
This is one of the darker songs on the album. It’s about, well, I guess it’s about stalking, and it’s a bit creepy for sure. It’s not about having bad intentions, of course; it’s just about watching. When you just can’t let go,  you do crazy things.

“High And Hazy”
This is a love song at its heart, although the fast pace and minor chord progression speak otherwise. It’s about a night when the boys and I all went out to party in Portland, Maine. I got dropped off at my girl’s house and lost the key to my apartment, so I used a credit card to open the door. I fell asleep in the bed that night, but strangely woke up on the floor—which is reflected in the lyrics of the chorus.

“Worst Thing I’ve Been Cursed With”
This is about meeting with an ex that I had been with for three years. We had an apartment, a cat and a cell phone plan together, but it all came to an end. Touring definitely puts a strain on relationships. I remember Toby [McAllister, guitar], Mike [Naran, guitar] and I wrote this song at 1 a.m. after a couple bottles of wine down at the lake house where we recorded the album. It was a blast and very wild. When I say wild, yes, I mean lots of bonfires and living room basketball. We may have broken a few lamps. There was tons of jamming and writing. It was a great time. 

“Better Side Of Me”
This is a fun song to play live. The guitar in the opening has a cool wah-wah effect. It’s about a girl who is a bad influence, but who’s still the better side of me. A great rapper and friend from Maine named Spose killed the third verse on this song. It absolutely rules! 

This is a response to an older song called “Shipwreck” from our last album, Eyes To The Sun. It’s about someone who meant a lot to me moving away, and there is so much left unsaid and undone. Then all you get is a postcard. 

Lyrically, this is one of my favorites. Melodically, I feel it has a bit of twang. It’s about the last night I spent with my girl before I left on the Shit Happens Tour with Every Avenue a couple of years back. It was a long summer of touring.  

This is the first song we’ve ever written with a swing drumbeat. I started writing this song the same week I wrote “Hello Mexico” three years ago, but I could never find a chorus for it. Three years later, it finally came. Some songs take minutes, others take years. 

“60 Minutes Of Fame”
This is one of my favorite songs on the record. It’s got a great guitar riff and solo. It’s about parties and one-night stands. 

“How To Make A Heart Hollow”
I wrote this song right after a break-up. I got off the phone, sat down and recorded the demo.

“Thought You Were The One”
It’s a culmination of everything ending on Eyes To The Sun. Lyrically, I wanted to reference “I Swear That She’s The One,” from Eyes To The Sun. It’s like the follow-up to that song. The second verse has some of my favorite lyrics I’ve ever written.

(Source: Alternative Press Magazine)


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