That’s Outrageous!: “Teenage Scream” tracklisting and review

Hate your ex-girlfriend? Like hardcore music? Then Teenage Scream is for you!

That’s Outrageous! is one of Rise Records’ newest additions to the family. Their debut album, “Teenage Scream”, could easily be described as ‘electronicore’. For fans of the genre, Teenage Scream is a must have for your music library. Even those that aren’t fans of the genre could find something in the album that they find interesting. With angelic singing infused with goosebump-inducing screams and breakdowns, That’s Outrageous! could easily make their way to the top of the music scene very quickly.

  1.  The Poughkeepsie Tapes
  2. Headshot At the Ballet Recital
  3. Teenage Scream
  4. #Winning
  5. Star 69
  6. So, I’m Thinking of Starting a Clothing Line…
  7. Is It 2012 Yet?
  8. The New York Chainsaw Massacre
  9. Re: Why I Killed My Girlfriend
  10. What Happens In Azeroth, Stays In Azeroth


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