Lamb of God post news about New Album

Groove Metal band Lamb of God have posted the track list and cover art for their forthcoming album Resolution which is due out January 24th, 2012. Resolution is also being released in a special UK pre-order containing a bonus 12-track live album entitled Wrath – Tour 2009/2010.

1. “Straight for the Sun”
2. “Desolation”
3. “Ghost Walking”
4. “Guilty”
5. “The Undertow”
6. “The Number Six”
7. “Barbarosa”
8. “Invictus”
9. “Cheated”
10. “Insurrection”
11. “Terminally Unique”
12. “To the End”
13. “Visitation”
14. “King Me”

“Wrath – Tour 2009/2010”
1. “The Passing”
2. “In Your Words”
3. “Set to Fail”
4. “Walk with Me in Hell”
5. “Hourglass”
6. “Now You’ve Got Something to Die For”
7. “Ruin”
8. “As the Palaces Burn”
9. “Blacken the Cursed Sun”
10. “Laid to Rest”
11. “Redneck”
12. “Black Label”

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