Squid the Whale

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to see a great show in Cleveland, OH at “Now That’s Class”. The headlining band was an extremely talented group of guys from Michigan. Their name was Squid the Whale. The band made their presence known the second they stepped on the stage, which was a refreshing change from the previous acts because they all seemed to blur together for me. Despite the size of the stage, Squid the Whale had no trouble moving around like a bunch of guys that were having a blast. That passion and excitement was then  emulated by the audience.

Unlike most shows, Squid the Whale’s sound was amazingly clear and could easily be understood and enjoyed. Frontman, Brad Walden’s voice sounded incredible. Bassist, Dan Mataczynski had as much energy as a hardcore punk rocker, which is a terrible comparison… oh well. Guitarist, Brandon Kubiac was an artist, concentrating on hitting all of the right notes (he nailed every single one, by the way). Drummer, Jonathan Wagoner shot out incredible beats throughout the show and flaunted bloody hands to show how hard he worked.

After the show, my friends and I got to hangout with the guys. They’re very fun people to be with and if you ever have the chance, I’d strongly recommend striking up a conversation with them!

Squid the Whale’s new EP, “New War.” is out now. Go listen to it on Spotify and buy it! Below are some links to help you better understand and help out Squid the Whale.

Official Website


(Picture courtesy of Transcribed In Audio)


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