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Stream Of Mice & Men’s “Still YDN’G”

Have a listen to Of Mice & Men’s Still YDN’G off their upcoming album, The Flood, which is set to release June 14th.  Sounding pretty good so far.

Suffokate’s music video for “Not the Fallen”

Here’s a good cut-throat song for you.  Enjoy!  (note: those are the biggest gauges I have ever seen, props)

“Believers” music video by Decoder

This is a great band with some great music to stand behind.  This is the music video for Believers, from their self-titled full length album.

New track by For the Fallen Dreams

Here’s a stream of The Human Collective from For the Fallen Dreams’ upcoming album Back Burner, which is set to be released May 24th, 2011.

2012 Remix

Here’s the remix for The Word Alive’s track, 2012.  Remix done by KC Blitz and will be featured on the deluxe edition of Deceiver, set to be released June 7th 2011.

All Faces Down music video for “Stop to Fall”

Vienna, Australia’s 5-man group All Faces Down’s music video Stop to Fall.

The Air I Breathe will release “Great Faith in Fools”

The Air I Breathe will release Great Faith in Fools on June 7th via Velocity/Rise Records.  Here’s a song off the album, Deliverance.

1. The Inevitable
2. Take This To Heart
3. Deliverance
4. Desolate And Disowned
5. For What It’s Worth
6. Vultures
7. The Life They Promised
8. Here’s To Letting Go
10. The Awakening

“Bastardizer” music video new from Norma Jean

This is the music video for Bastardizer, off of Norma Jean’s Meridional.

Bayside video for “Sick, Sick, Sick”

Here’s the newest music video for Sick, Sick, Sick off their album Killing Time.

In Fear and Faith welcome old friend, add a new member

In light of the May 2nd release of Symphonies EP and IFAF’s upcoming headlining tour, they welcomed back their original vocalist Jarred DeArmas who will also be bassist and replace Noah Slifka with Sean Bell on rhythm guitar.  Welcome!