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New The Arsonist Track

West Salem , Ohio band The Arsonist have posted a new song on their Facebook entitled “Sold My Soul“.

The Arsonist are also trying to get a spot on The Vans Warped Tour through Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands. You can vote once a date.

MOD SUN: Get 5 Unreleased Songs Free!

Want 5 unreleased MOD SUN songs for free? Change your twitter profile picture to one of the two cover ads below and send a tweets to @MODSUN saying you did so (be sure to include #RScover in your tweet). He’ll reply and say thanks and you’ll get the tracks sent personally to you!

Also, be sure to vote for MOD SUN everyday to be the first unsigned act on the cover of Rolling Stone. It takes 1 minute to give him 5 stars. He also has 2 new tracks on the player, “Shaun White” and “Forever Woodstock” which you can download for free below! Go check them out and vote here.

“Shaun White”: DOWNLOAD
“Forever Woodstock”: DOWNLOAD

MTV’s Musical March Madness: Coheed and Cambria VS. Disturbed

Returning champions, Coheed and Cambria have reached the Elite Eight of MTV’s Musical March Madness Tournament. This round, Co&Ca are up against white trash rock group, Disturbed. Currently, the voting is close and they need your votes! Go HERE to vote. You can enter your choice until it tells you to cool down. Until then, vote as much as you wish!


Vote for MODSUN to be the first unsigned artist on the cover of Rolling Stone! Don’t know his music? Vote for him, the check him out! Then vote again!

New The Arsonist Music Video “Living to Death”

This is the new Music Video from the Ohio Rock band The Arsonist. Not to toot my own horn but it is Directed by me, these guys were awesome enough for me to film a video for them and for my film class. So check the video out and check out their facebook and vote for them to be on Warped Tour 11 at!/pages/The-Arsonist/346358535708

Blink-182: Charity For Japan


Today, Mark Hoppus, the generous bassist from Blink 182, is giving away rare items from his own personal collection to help raise money for those who have suffered in the unfortunate events in Japan. He has put up a rare promo cd for the hit single, “What’s My Age Again?” and has also put up the original lyrics sheets of “The Rock Show” up for sale. He has also mentioned that there will be giant Blink 182 bunnies (1.5 feet tall) being released in a set, all painted buy famous artists. The first one he has posted had been painted by the artist behind the Blink 182 Smiley and the self titled album artwork for the band. What a great guy.


Rare Promo CD

Original “The Rock show” Lyrics

Promo: VoxBloc – A Social Music Promotion Site! #voxbloc

I just recently joined the VoxBloc community. So far, I can tell it’s new, but has promise. The premise of the site is simple. Share, follow, and “like” things and in turn you get points to spend on things such as Show Tickets/Contests/Merch/Music/ and more. There are featured bands, businesses and products, all tied into the alternative music business.

Signing up is simple. Visit and click the Sign in with Facebook button. Done! Now all you have to do is go to the share tab! share the bands you like, spend points, everyone wins!

Everyone is allowed 6 (per network: Facebook and Twitter) shares at any given time. This prevents over sharing on your timelines. That way your friends aren’t getting pissy over your posts. But don’t worry! Wait a few hours and you can share more! As time goes on, your shares are refreshed! I’ve only been using VoxBloc for around 24 hours but I’m already reaping the benefits!

Start VoxBloc today!

Sumerian’s Got Talent

Pull Blood On the Dance Floor from Warped

If you hate bands like BOTDF, Brokencyde, or Millionaires sign this petition.

These groups are, in my opinion, complete trash. They ruin what Warped Tour should be.

Go vote for EMPIRES on Rolling Stone

Even though MODSUN is already promoted, I feel to need to bring up this wonderful band.

EMPIRES is band from Chicago and their guitarist (Tom Conrad) is famous for being in The Academy Is… and taking photos of Panic! At The Disco and other bands.