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New Unreleased Drugs Song “The Holly Situation”


Today, an email was sent to the decaydance drugs street team members a download link to this song. It is more chiodos sounding that most of the drugs material.

For those who received it, enjoy!

D.R.U.G.S.: Quick Fact

Musicians Matt Rubano (Taking Back Sunday), Quinn Allman (The Used, Thomas Erak (Fall of Troy), Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy), Nash Breen (Armor For Sleep), and Justin Shekoski (Saosin) were all considered for spots in D.R.U.G.S.

D.R.U.G.S. on Warped Tour

Buy your tickets now! Get them Here.

Warped Tour Roster

 A Skylit Drive
Rock, Screamo

Abandon All Ships

Bad Rabbits
Indie, Pop

Big B
Rap / Hip-Hop

Big Chocolate
Electro, Dubstep

Big D And The Kids Table
Ska, Reggae

Black List Royals
Punk, Rock

Black Square
Ska, Punk

Blood On The Dance Floor
Electronic, Alternative

Cold Forty Three

Rock, Alternative

Dance Gavin Dance
Screamo, Experimental

DC Fallout
Punk, Rock


Enter Shikari
Rock, Hardcore

Every Avenue
Alternative, Pop Punk

Eyes Set To Kill
Post Hardcore

Family Force Five
Alternative, Pop

Foxy Shazam
Glam Rock, Progressive Rock

Freshman 15
Pop Punk, Powerpop

Gatsby’s American Dream

Go Radio
Rock, Indie

Good Guys In Black
Punk, Rap / Hip-Hop

Grieves With Budo
Rap / Hip-Hop

Pop, Indie

I Set My Friends On Fire
Screamo, Pop-Electric

Rock, Reggae

It Boys!
Rock, Pop

Larry And His Flask
Folk Punk, Bluegrass

Rock, Soul

Alt-Country, Punk

Rock, Progressive Rock

MC Lars with Weerd Science
Rap / Hip-Hop, Alternative

Middle Class Rut
Alternative, Rock

Miss May I
Metal, Hardcore

Mojo Morgan
Alternative, Pop

Moving Mountains
Rock, Ambient

My Arcadia
Rock, Pop

Neo Geo
Rock, Electro

New Years Day
Rock, Rock

Of Mice And Men
Screamo, Metal

Reggae, Rock

Pop, Punk

Reggae, Rock

Places And Numbers
Alternative, Electronic

Relient K
Pop Punk, Rock

River City Extension
Indie, Folk

Set Your Goals
Pop Punk

Rock & Roll, Punk

Shut Up And Deal
Rock, Pop

Sick Of Sarah
Rock, Indie

Simple Plan
Pop Punk

Stephen Jerzak
Pop, Dance

Terrible Things
Rock, Modern Rock

The Acacia Strain
Metal, Hardcore

The Aggrolites

The Black Pacific
Punk, Alternative

Rock, Punk

The Dance Party
Alternative, Powerpop

The Dangerous Summer
Indie, Post Rock

The Expendables
Reggae, Rock

The Exposed
Punk, Ska

The Menzingers
Punk, Rock

The Narrative
Indie, Pop

The Ready Set
Rock, Pop

The Sheds
Ska, Post Hardcore

The Suit
Hard Rock, Punk

The Wonder Years
Pop Punk

The Word Alive
Metalcore, Rock

There For Tomorrow
Rock, Alternative

Unwritten Law

Pop Punk, Rock

Rap / Hip-Hop, Pop

We Came As Romans
Screamo, Hardcore

Winds Of Plague
Metal, Hardcore

Windsor Drive
Rock, Alternative

Woe, Is Me
Post Hardcore, Metalcore

Rap / Hip-Hop, Rap-Rock

Poll: AP Tour Bands

What AP tour band are you looking forward to seeing most?

The Truth Behind Chiodos Break Up


Back in September of 2009, Chiodos made this statement about Craig Owens’ departure:

“To all of our friends, family, and fans: We would like to let you know that
we have let Craig Owens go as the singer of Chiodos. This decision was a necessary one. Out of respect for all of the hard work that we have put in together for all of these years we will not be discussing the specific reasons that this needed to happen. We wish Craig well . We will absolutely be continuing on as a band and we will keep you informed as this next chapter unfolds. Chiodos fans are the best fans in the world and all we can ask of you, after everything you have already given us, is to share in our excitement for this next album. We promise you will not be disappointed…………Brad, Jason, Pat, and Matt”

This statement was seen as a result of Craig’s attempted suicide on prescription Xanax in his Michigan home.

When firing Craig, the band called the frontman up, to inform him he would no longer be apart of the band. While at the same time, posting to Twitter, Myspace, and the like, explaining that he was out of the band. The public was informed before they were even off of the phone.

In the latest Alternative Press issue, Craig gives a little more detail on the break up saying that Pat McManaman (Rhythm Guitarist of Chiodos) had texted him asking “Have you killed yourself yet?” This was a while after the break up. This only adds to Chiodos’ disrespect towards Craig.

Hey “New” Chiodos, well done.

I am appalled.


D.R.U.G.S. Blackberry Messenger Group

This is a chat room for fans of D.R.U.G.S.

You can change your notification settings however. 8]

To Join:
1. Be sure to have the newest version of blackberry messenger. (Not needed but is usually best)
2. Open bbm
3. Click the Blackberry button (menu)
4. Click Scan Group Barcode
5. The on screen directions and snap a shot of the barcode below. (Pic fixed)
6. Boom! You’re in! 8]

D.R.U.G.S: Radio Interviews and Acoustic Performances

89x Detroit (Tue Feb 22 2011) Interview Graveyard Dancing – Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows

105.7 The Point St. Louis (Thur Feb 24 2011) Interview Graveyard Dancing – D.R.U.G.S.
(Skip past the silence block at the beginning.)

95 WIIL Milwaukee (Fri Feb 25 2011) Interview Graveyard Dancing Sex Life – D.R.U.G.S.

Sex Life (Acoustic) – Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows

Download in the box. Enjoy!

D.R.U.G.S.: Chatting Live now!

To chat with the band, gohere.

D.R.U.G.S. News: Good and Bad


For those planning on seeing D.R.U.G.S. (Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows) on the AP Tour in the upcoming months, some might be a little disappointed. At the signing at Hot Topic, the boys said their stage time will be 35 minutes, which is very short, and hardly enough time to fully enjoy this band play live.

But fans might be in luck, D.R.U.G.S. also said that information on them playing or not playing on Warped Tour will be announced within the next 10 days.

Also, for those who are waiting on the unreleased track to leak, the members of D.R.U.G.S. also said it WOULDN’T be Ghost Town. To those who like the song, don’t get upset yet, it’ll probably get released later this year, as for this new unreleased song, it looks like they have several to choose from that we’ve never heard because they don’t know which their choosing yet.

For more updates on these topics, check back here time to time during the next few weeks.

Thanks Dan from the D.R.U.G.S. Forum