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Jonny Craig booted from Emarosa

Alternative Press has learned that Emarosa lead vocalist, Jonny Craig, has been removed from the band’s lineup.

The band issued this statement:
“As of today, Jonny Craig is no longer a member of Emarosa. This decision has been a hard one to make, but we feel it is in the best interest for the band going forward.”

Emarosa is continuing on without Craig and will play all scheduled shows. There is a possibility Tillian Pearson (ex Tides of Man) will fill in the spot as he did in February.



Video of Jonny Craig Tossing Chunks Mid-song

If you don’t want to hear the whole thing go to 2:35 I think.

Jonny Craig: #Winning

Jonny Craig: Statement to Fans

“I want to apologize for my recent behavior. My actions regarding taking advantage of fans was inexcusable. I’m in the process of paying everyone back so please forgive me. My state of mind was completely shot and obviously my decision making skills were heavily impaired due to my drug use. I’ve since been in detox and successfully completed the treatment. I’ve learned a lot from this ordeal and I realized I’ve redeemed my second chance. I want to personally thank Eric at Artery and Craig at Rise for helping me through this emotionally and financially. I’m embarrassed with my past actions, I want to make amends to everyone I hurt. Again, sorry to all my fans, family, band mates and colleagues. I’m truly sorry. Now back to work…I’m looking forward to seeing all the DGD fans and their positive energy that they always bring to the shows. With that being said, the past will stay dead and let’s toast to the future kids.” — Jonny Craig

Jonny Craig checks into rehab and Rise Records and Artery Foundation reimburse victims of scam.


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So I know that everyone is aware of the recent Jonny Craig scams. And I’m sure that everyone is even MORE aware of his incredible drug addiction. However, he is apparently trying to fix that unhealthy addiction by checking into a Northern Hollywood rehab center with help from ‘MusiCares’. Hopefully all of this isn’t just to hide the fact that he ripped off a ton of people. Or maybe it’s to gain back his reputation? Although, that reputation of his is so severed that I doubt he could ever make a comeback from all this. In other news, Rise Records and the Artery Foundation are “assuming financial responsibility” for all those victimized by Craig’s scams. So all in all, everyone is back to happiness. Except maybe Jonny, who is currently going through withdrawal and many many MANY interventions.

(Source: AP Magazine)

Tilian Pearson to fill in for Emarosa

Well, yesterday’s New York show seemed to be the first sign of action by Rise Records during this whole Jonny Craig Scandal. Emarosa didn’t show for their performance. Rumor is Jonny was kicked out, or at least removed from the tour. So, in the mean time, Tilian Pearson (ex Tides of Man) will be filling in for Jonny Craig’s position.

Rumor: Jonny Craig Kicked From Emarosa?

According to fans, Emarosa didn’t play their show on Saturday. This coincides with the rumor circulating that Jonny was kicked out of Emarosa and the replacement singer was unavailable to get to the show.
(Source: Twitter search ” Jonny Craig kicked”)

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Rumor Debunked: The Culprit Behind the Jonny Craig Scams?

Matt Lillie (former live bass player of The Best Week Ever) has “allegedly” been scamming people on eBay and Craigslist over “fake” Orange Amplifiers.

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Original Story
Matt Lillie (Dear Luna, Best Week Ever) has admitted to scamming people. Shown in this video:

If you want to show your anger you can tweet him on his account at @HeyMattLillie