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Stream Of Mice & Men’s “Still YDN’G”

Have a listen to Of Mice & Men’s Still YDN’G off their upcoming album, The Flood, which is set to release June 14th.  Sounding pretty good so far.

Of Mice & Men’s “The Flood” Tracklist/Artwork

Here’s the tracklist and album artwork for Of Mice & Men’s The Flood which is set to release June 14th, 2011.

1) O.G. Loko
2) Ben Threw
3) Letting You Go
4) Still Ydg’n
5) My Understandings
6) Ohioisonfire
7) Purified
8) Product Of A Murderer
9) Repeating Apologies
10) The Great Hendowski
11) I’m A Monster
12) When You Can’t Sleep At Night

Of Mice & Men announce new album!

Of Mice and Men will release The Flood on June 14th 2011.  They have been playing a yet to be named new single from this album but no other tracks or artwork are available at this time.

Warped Tour Roster

 A Skylit Drive
Rock, Screamo

Abandon All Ships

Bad Rabbits
Indie, Pop

Big B
Rap / Hip-Hop

Big Chocolate
Electro, Dubstep

Big D And The Kids Table
Ska, Reggae

Black List Royals
Punk, Rock

Black Square
Ska, Punk

Blood On The Dance Floor
Electronic, Alternative

Cold Forty Three

Rock, Alternative

Dance Gavin Dance
Screamo, Experimental

DC Fallout
Punk, Rock


Enter Shikari
Rock, Hardcore

Every Avenue
Alternative, Pop Punk

Eyes Set To Kill
Post Hardcore

Family Force Five
Alternative, Pop

Foxy Shazam
Glam Rock, Progressive Rock

Freshman 15
Pop Punk, Powerpop

Gatsby’s American Dream

Go Radio
Rock, Indie

Good Guys In Black
Punk, Rap / Hip-Hop

Grieves With Budo
Rap / Hip-Hop

Pop, Indie

I Set My Friends On Fire
Screamo, Pop-Electric

Rock, Reggae

It Boys!
Rock, Pop

Larry And His Flask
Folk Punk, Bluegrass

Rock, Soul

Alt-Country, Punk

Rock, Progressive Rock

MC Lars with Weerd Science
Rap / Hip-Hop, Alternative

Middle Class Rut
Alternative, Rock

Miss May I
Metal, Hardcore

Mojo Morgan
Alternative, Pop

Moving Mountains
Rock, Ambient

My Arcadia
Rock, Pop

Neo Geo
Rock, Electro

New Years Day
Rock, Rock

Of Mice And Men
Screamo, Metal

Reggae, Rock

Pop, Punk

Reggae, Rock

Places And Numbers
Alternative, Electronic

Relient K
Pop Punk, Rock

River City Extension
Indie, Folk

Set Your Goals
Pop Punk

Rock & Roll, Punk

Shut Up And Deal
Rock, Pop

Sick Of Sarah
Rock, Indie

Simple Plan
Pop Punk

Stephen Jerzak
Pop, Dance

Terrible Things
Rock, Modern Rock

The Acacia Strain
Metal, Hardcore

The Aggrolites

The Black Pacific
Punk, Alternative

Rock, Punk

The Dance Party
Alternative, Powerpop

The Dangerous Summer
Indie, Post Rock

The Expendables
Reggae, Rock

The Exposed
Punk, Ska

The Menzingers
Punk, Rock

The Narrative
Indie, Pop

The Ready Set
Rock, Pop

The Sheds
Ska, Post Hardcore

The Suit
Hard Rock, Punk

The Wonder Years
Pop Punk

The Word Alive
Metalcore, Rock

There For Tomorrow
Rock, Alternative

Unwritten Law

Pop Punk, Rock

Rap / Hip-Hop, Pop

We Came As Romans
Screamo, Hardcore

Winds Of Plague
Metal, Hardcore

Windsor Drive
Rock, Alternative

Woe, Is Me
Post Hardcore, Metalcore

Rap / Hip-Hop, Rap-Rock


Poll: Roush vs. Carlile

Which vocalist do you prefer?

Of Mice & Men: OM&M Blog Update

Below is a copy of the blog posted at:

So an entire year of touring on our debut album has come to an end and the approaching date of entering the studio to make our next album has come closer and closer, it’s become time for us to decide the kind of album we want to make, for us, as well as for all of you!

With having recently made amends with our original vocalist, Austin Carlile, and not after discussing all of our previous disputes and issues we’ve had with each other (like any other relationship, its not always a friendly exchange of happy words) we’ve collectively decided to return to, or as close to, our original lineup as we could.

Now, we knew this was going to be a huge surprise to everyone and an unexpected turn of events for Of Mice & Men. We had to take into account the response our fans had to our necessity to change screamers in order to continue touring as well as what we felt comfortable with as a group in and out of the studio as well as what our management/label/booking agency team (yes we include them in almost any decision we make, we are a close family, a relationship we are extremely grateful for) felt was a good decision to make for the business aspect while taking into account our personal well being.

To be put simply, both OM&M and Austin want to make another album together because we want give our fans the familiar sound they loved about our first album and build upon that for our follow up. We were willing to put our differences aside and re-establish our friendship and love for making music together. We also want to give you all the chance to hear our first album the way it was intended to be heard since due to prior circumstances…well, that’s all in the past now!

We greatly appreciate all of our fans sticking with us in 2010 and supporting the band with Jerry. We are also very grateful that he stepped up to the plate for us and helped us get through the relentless touring schedule we had. With that being said, we are all extremely excited to be reunited and are going to make another album we are proud of, just like the first and we hope you are too! There’s no behind the scenes anything, no huge fall out or disrespect towards anyone, contrary to what you may think or have read/heard. We just want to make the best album we possibly can and we are confident that together, with the reformed lineup, we will be able to make something amazing.

We have also added a new member, Alan Ashby, who will be playing guitar. Assuming the position of bass will be Shayley which as many of you saw on a couple Warped Tour dates was an easy transition for him. He will, of course, still be singing. Tino is on drums, Phil is on guitar and Austin is screaming. A freshly reformed OM&M for 2011.

Please keep this blog bookmarked and share it with your friends ( and keep checking back! Every member will be constantly updating this blog with photos, videos, lyric quotes, random studio nonsense…everything you can imagine!! It’s our goal to really let you see how we work, get along and interact with all of you! We will be setting up video chats while we’re here and even doing live streaming video during parts of the recording process to give you an inside look. You can find out about our updates immediately by following us on twitter ( and setting up the feed to go directly to your cell phone.

We are really excited for you to see what we are doing, how we do it, and what to expect!

Make sure to come check us out on our headlining tour in March/April as well as on the entire Vans Warped Tour again this summer.

Witness the magic happen!

Shayley, Valentino, Phil, Alan & Austin


Austin Carlile’s First Statement Regarding Reuniting with Of Mice & Men

Austin Carlile

Austin Carlile

Back in OM&M (update)
As most of you have read I’m back in Of Mice & Men. The band contacted me about coming back, and recording another killer album with them a couple weeks back. We decided to put everything behind us and bring it back to when when were all close. So here we are now, day 3 in the studio, recording our second album! Really excited!
Also, I was working on a new project, with my friend Alan Ashby. We never had a name, or other set members so making the change over to OM&M was quite easy. I told the band I wouldn’t leave him behind, so Shay moved to bass, while Alan and Phil will be playing guitar! Alan and I just brought all of our set songs, and ideas/demos from the new project here to the studio and to use with OM&M. Works out pretty well, because I was really stoked for all the new music. But now, it’s just transferring over to OM&M! But you CAN still expect something else non-musically from me soon, keep on the lookout!
I’m really excited about this new change, and the whole band and myself are really excited for you all to hear what we have been working on! We have a HEADLINER, in March/April, and are also playing the entire VANS WARPED TOUR this Summer! So we better see you all there! I’ll post about this again soon, and answer any questions that may arise from it! Thanks so so much for all the love and support, now and especially over the past year when I have been out of the game or healing on a couch haha!
Love to my girl, my dog, my friends, family, fans, and the future.
Stoked to be back! Austin <3

Find the original post here:

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Of Mice & Men: The Artery Foundation Across the Nation Spring Tour



Today Of Mice & Men announced they would be taking Isetmyfriendsonfire, Sleeping With Sirens, Woe Is Me, the Amity Affliction on a cross-country tour.

3/10 – Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
3/11 – San Diego, CA @ Soma
3/12 – Mesa, AZ @ Nile Theatre
3/13 – Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad
3/15 – San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
3/16 – Mission, TX @ Las Palmas Race Park
3/17 – Austin, TX RED 7 SXSW Artery Party
3/18 – SXSW Artery Showcase
3/19 – Dallas, TX @ Dr. Pepper Arena
3/21 – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
3/22 – Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music Hall
3/23 – Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
3/25 – Pompano Beach, FL @ Rocketown
3/26 – Orlando, FL @ The Social
3/27 – St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre
3/29 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
3/30 – Richmond, VA @ The Canal Club
3/31 – Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar
4/1 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
4/2 – New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
4/3 – Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
4/5 – Buffalo, NY @ Xtreme Wheels
4/6 – Pittsburg, PA @ Altar Bar
4/7 – Pontiac, MI @ The Eagle Theatre
4/8 – Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s
4/9 – Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge
4/10 – Minneapolis, MINUTE @ Triple Rock Social
4/12 – Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
4/13 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Sound
4/15 Sacramento, CA @ Ace of Spades
4/16 – Hollywood, CA @ Key Club

This is a pretty full tour, some good venues in this list. However, I raise my eye brows at the 4/1 date. First Unitarian Church. Is this a legitimate Christian Church? I hope they aren’t going to try saying they’re Christian again…

Anyway, good luck to all of the bands on the tour. Carlile, don’t embarrass anyone this time, okay?

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New Jerry Roush Project?

From reading some tweets on various accounts, I’m guessing Jerry Roush (former lead of Sky Eats Airplane and Of Mice & Men), Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria), and Ramin Niroomand (guitar/piano for In Fear & Faith) have something cooking.

This is speculation, but it seems legit. I guess we wait for more information.

“Dear @JerryRoush, this a formal notice to bring your attention to the fact that both I, @DannyAfuckingA, and @raminifaf, are indeed, stoked” – Danny

“yo, @DannyAfuckingA and @raminifaf… Stoked for what? haha” – Jerry

“Feels good to have big plans, plenty of projects, and motivation…it’s all about multiple sources of income, get ur hustle on for #2011” – Ram

“shower. hair apt. more practice / development with the new project. business call with a really badass band. get up jerry its time to grind!” – Jerry

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