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Oh, Sleeper posts new song and artwork

Oh, Sleeper have released a new song off of their upcoming album “Children of Fire”. This new song, “Endseekers”, can be streamed on their Facebook page. Below is the artwork for the album.

Zac Mayfield drum lessons

Oh, Sleeper has announced that in the next coming week, their drummer, Zac Mayfield, will be posting video lessons on drumming and Oh, Sleeper play-alongs. In order to view these nifty videos add him on Facebook and Twitter.

In other news…

“In other news: Nate got an enema. Yep, the one in the butt-style.”

Yes, Nate Grady, the bassist for Oh, Sleeper had to have liquids shot into his colon. No news yet on how he, or his intestinal tract, is taking this.

CurbsideAudio Presents: Anullaby

Yes, I realize Anullaby has been around for about a year now, but I just recently thought to post about him. Many of you know of Oh, Sleeper, Solid State Record’s Texas-based metalcore band. Well Anullaby is the one and only Shane Blay, one of the writers and guitarists in Oh, Sleeper. If you’re a fan of OS, then I would recommend checking out Anullaby. The vocals are great and familiar (considering Shane is the background vocals for Oh, Sleeper), and the tunes aren’t wimpy like all that radio music these days. So… go listen to some of his songs and such here.