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BledFest Lineup

The party is Saturday, May 28 in Howell, Michigan at The Hartland PAC. Tickets are available through Bled Fest’s Official Website.

Bled Fest Lineup:
Every Time I Die
We Are The Union
Such Gold
I Am The Avalanche
Close To Home
Living With Lions
This Is Hell
Sleeping With Sirens
Into It. Over It.
The Air I Breathe
For All Those Sleeping
The Chariot
The Color Morale
Norma Jean
After the Burial
Stray From The Path
For The Fallen Dreams
La Dispute
Former Thieves
Motionless In White
Kills and Thrills
Lions Lions
All’s Quiet
Your Best Friend
Siren The Escape
Apathetic Critic
Good Weather For Airstrikes
Jeff Pianki
Act As One
Of Virtue
Giraffe Attack!
The Right Stuff
Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers
Living Like Ghosts
Lights At Sea
Wolves & Machines
Sunlight Ascending
Violets For Verona
Drawing Mountains
Squid The Whale
Between You and Me
Too Soon To Say

Such Gold confirms stabbing rumor

Such Gold vocalist Ben Kotin has released a statement confirming that he was stabbed three times at a party three weeks ago.

Earlier this month, his band announced they would be canceling their upcoming tour dates due to a “serious incident” involving a member of the band, and rumors began swirling about the alleged violent incident. Today, Kotin has come forward with a statement addressing what happened and what the future holds for Such Gold. He says he’s “lucky to be alive” and that the band have enlisted a friend to fill in for him on the band’s May tour dates.

Kotin says, “First of all, I would like to apologize for pulling out of the Manscout Jamboree tour so last minute, but I assure you that we would not bail on such an amazing tour without a good reason. There have been a lot of rumors flying around the Internet and I think it’s about time to clarify things. About three weeks ago, I was stabbed multiple times outside of a party. I can’t go into any details, but I will say that I’m lucky to be alive. I want to thank all my friends and band mates who saved my life. I’m very sorry to leave you all to decipher whether the rumors were true or not for so long but I felt it was necessary to keep to myself for a certain period of time. There’s no telling exactly when I will be well enough to perform again but Such Gold will be doing some dates in the month of May with one of my best friends Skylar, from an awesome Massachusetts based band called Building, filling in for me. I ask that you treat him with as much respect as you would me or anyone in this band. Again I’m very sorry to leave you to speculate on what happened for so long. I can’t wait to get back on the road and hang with all the amazing friends and fans that I’ve met over these past few years. I also want to thank everyone who did know about this for their love and support throughout these past few weeks. Every day I wish we could be hanging out with The Wonder Years, Fireworks, Make Do And Mend and Living With Lions but soon enough Such Gold will be coming back harder than ever and I can’t wait!”

Source: Alt Press