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Meshuggah “Koloss” Tracklist, Album Art and New Single Stream

01. I Am Colossus
02. The Demon’s Name Is Surveillance
03. Do Not Look Down
04. Behind The Sun
05. The Hurt That Finds You First
06. Marrow
07. Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion
08. Swarm
09. Demiurge
10. The Last Vigil

Release Dates:
(GER) March 23rd
(EUR) March 26th
(US) March 27

Mixtape: 50 Cent – “The Big 10” (Free Download)

50 Cent has dropped his latest mixtape “The Big 10“. This release shows signs of life that maybe 50 is almost ready to drop his upcoming release that has been pushed back a few times do to record label issues. But until then, download and enjoy The Big 10 here

1. Body on It
2. Niggas Be Scheming
3. Queens
4. I Just Wanna
5. Shooting Guns
6. Put Your Hands Up
7. Wait Til Tonight
8. You Took My Heart
9. Off and On
10. Nah Nah Nah
11. Stop Crying
12. Outro (Skit)

Artwork/Tracklist: Bleeding Through – “The Great Fire”

Bleeding Through have released the tracklist and artwork for their upcoming album The Great Fire. The new album is set to be released Jan. 31st 2012. This will be their second release through Rise Records.

1. March
2. Faith in Fire
3. Goodbye to Death
4. Final Hours
5. Starving Vultures
6. Everything You Love is Gone
7. Walking Dead
8. Devil and Self Doubt
9. Step Back in Line
10. Trail of Seclusion
11. Deaf Ears
12. One By One
13. Entrenched
14. Back to Life


Lamb of God post news about New Album

Groove Metal band Lamb of God have posted the track list and cover art for their forthcoming album Resolution which is due out January 24th, 2012. Resolution is also being released in a special UK pre-order containing a bonus 12-track live album entitled Wrath – Tour 2009/2010.

1. “Straight for the Sun”
2. “Desolation”
3. “Ghost Walking”
4. “Guilty”
5. “The Undertow”
6. “The Number Six”
7. “Barbarosa”
8. “Invictus”
9. “Cheated”
10. “Insurrection”
11. “Terminally Unique”
12. “To the End”
13. “Visitation”
14. “King Me”

“Wrath – Tour 2009/2010”
1. “The Passing”
2. “In Your Words”
3. “Set to Fail”
4. “Walk with Me in Hell”
5. “Hourglass”
6. “Now You’ve Got Something to Die For”
7. “Ruin”
8. “As the Palaces Burn”
9. “Blacken the Cursed Sun”
10. “Laid to Rest”
11. “Redneck”
12. “Black Label”

That’s Outrageous!: “Teenage Scream” tracklisting and review

Hate your ex-girlfriend? Like hardcore music? Then Teenage Scream is for you!

That’s Outrageous! is one of Rise Records’ newest additions to the family. Their debut album, “Teenage Scream”, could easily be described as ‘electronicore’. For fans of the genre, Teenage Scream is a must have for your music library. Even those that aren’t fans of the genre could find something in the album that they find interesting. With angelic singing infused with goosebump-inducing screams and breakdowns, That’s Outrageous! could easily make their way to the top of the music scene very quickly.

  1.  The Poughkeepsie Tapes
  2. Headshot At the Ballet Recital
  3. Teenage Scream
  4. #Winning
  5. Star 69
  6. So, I’m Thinking of Starting a Clothing Line…
  7. Is It 2012 Yet?
  8. The New York Chainsaw Massacre
  9. Re: Why I Killed My Girlfriend
  10. What Happens In Azeroth, Stays In Azeroth

Bury Your Dead New Album Tracklist

Mosh ‘N’ Roll is the sixth album by metalcore band Bury Your Dead, and the first album to feature the return of front man Mat Bruso. The album is set to be released on August 2nd, 2011 on Mediaskare Records.

1. “Slaughterhouse Five” 2:32
2. “Nothing Is Lost Save Honor” 2:39
3. “Bluebeard” 2:39
4. “The Sirens Of Titan” 3:26
5. “Deadeye Dick” 2:19
6. “Timequake” 2:51
7. “Sun Moon Star” 2:34
8. “Slapstick” 2:39
9. “Mother Night” 3:02
10. “Jailbird” 3:39
11. “Mosh ‘N’ Roll” 2:09

NEW Chimaira Artwork and Tracklist

Release Date: August 16th

1. “The Age of Hell” 3:32
2. “Clockwork” 3:44
3. “Losing My Mind” 4:57
4. “Time Is Running Out” 4:13
5. “Year of the Snake” 3:41
6. “Beyond the Grave” 4:55
7. “Born in Blood” (featuring Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel) 4:09
8. “Stoma” 1:28
9. “Powerless” 4:32
10. “Trigger Finger” 3:54
11. “Scapegoat” 4:33
12. “Samsara” (featuring Emil Werstler of DÅÅTH) 6:12

USB Bonus Tracks
13. “Scum of the Earth”
14. “Your Days Are Numbered”
16. “Clockwork Remix”
17. “Wild Thing”

CurbsideAudio Presents: Shut Up and Deal

Hey all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything… actually, it’s been a while since ANYONE has posted anything. With Jake and Kriston gone that leaves pretty much just myself and Brandon to keep up the blog. Yes, the posting has been slow, but we always have it in the back of our minds.

After visiting the 2011 Vans Warped Tour yesterday in Cleveland, and sitting in on an EIY (Earn It Yourself) meeting with tour owner/founder Kevin Lyman, my eyes were opened. From hearing various speeches by Kevin, Shut Up and Deal’s lead vocalist, Joe Heafy, and many other “behind-the-scenes” people of Warped, I discovered that being in the music business isn’t the easiest thing. You can’t just say that you love music; you can’t just say that you want to go somewhere in the music industry; you can’t just say that you want to do something musical. You actually have to go out and do those things. And this is me going out and doing what needs to be done.


After hearing Joe talk, I thought it would be a great idea to go see his band, who was playing at the Kia Kevin Says Stage later that day. I honestly couldn’t believe how great they were! A completely independent band that sounded incredible and had great stage presence and a charismatic personality to match. They really are worth the time to take a listen to a song or two. If you like pop-punk, or, in my case, like pop-punk bands, then Shut Up and Deal is just for you! They recently released an album entitled “This One’s For Me”.

Shut Up and Deal Myspace

Shut Up and Deal Facebook

Shut Up and Deal Twitter

1. Just So You Know

2. Learning How To Lose

3. Dangerous

4. Someday, Somewhere

5. Sink or Swim

6. Anything and Everything

7. Not Shipwrecked, Not Quite Yet


Hey everyone,

If you haven’t heard already, I have happily accepted the managing news editor position at Under The Gun Review. This means I am no longer updating this blog. Neither is Kriston. She has joined me at UTG as a writer.

If you haven’t looked at UTG, do it. We have plenty of exclusive interviews, reviews, and streams for your listening and viewing pleasure. I’m sure you’ll be quickly fond of the site and our content.

As for CurbsideAudio, its sad to leave it behind, but it was never meant to go anywhere. It got my foot in the door and for that, I am very grateful. Thanks for reading <3.

You can still reach me at my Twitter or at Under The Gun Review

Promotional requests/business stuff can be sent to

Thanks Again,


Blindside: With Shivering Hearts We Wait

Swedish hardcore rock band, Blindside, has a new album out. With Shivering Hearts We Wait is an all-around great album. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the genre.

1. There Must Be Something In The Water
2. My Heart Escapes
3. Monster On The Radio
4. It’s All I Have
5. Bloodstained Hollywood Ending
6. Our Love Saves Us
7. Bring Out Your Dead
8. Withering
9. Cold
10. There Must Be Something In The Wind