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Jonny Craig Using Heroin

If you haven’t seen the pictures yet, Jonny Craig is shown very clearly, holding a spoon and really there’s only thing you do with a focused look on your face and holding a spoon with a lighter.

The next picture that was posted on Monday is Jonny holding a needle, making sure there isn’t any bubbles. At least he’s a careful junkie. I don’t know if he’s skinny normally, but this picture he’s looking really thin, like Trainspotter skinny.

For a full story head over to Under the Gun Review and get the full scoop about Jonny and his addiction. Part 2

Killswitch Engage and Singer Howard Jones Part Ways

Today January 4th, 2012, Howard Jones and Killswitch Engage have parted ways. I feeling like I am delivering a eulogy. That’s how I feel considering I’ve been listening to KsE for about 10 years, and them being one of the bands that heavily influenced me in getting into metal. It’s a sad day for fans that love this band and that have been keeping this music alive.

The announcement was given through their Facebook and official website. In the statement, the band does not disclose the reason for this decision. The January 4, 2012 Facebook status read on:

“To our family, friends and fans: We have decided to continue on without Howard Jones as the singer of Killswitch Engage. We love Howard and are thankful for the nine years that we’ve had him in the band. Out of respect for everyone involved we will not be discussing the specific reasons behind this decision. Howard is a part of our family and always will be, and we wish him well. He has left big shoes to fill, so we certainly have our work cut out for us to find the next singer of Killswitch, something we plan on making priority #1 going forward. Most importantly, thanks to all of you for all the support throughout the years and for sticking by us for all this time. We really do appreciate it and we very much look forward to having a new record for all of you in the not too distant future that we can all be proud of. Sincerely, Adam, Joel, Mike & Justin.”

Soon after the announcement, rumors circulated about All That Remains frontman, Phil Labonte would be taking over for the departed Jones. Phil quickly shot down the rumors on Facebook.

New Images From Rob Zombie’s Film “Lords of Salem”

Production is well underway on Rob Zombie’s latest film, The Lords of Salem
The pics first appeared on the Zombie’s official Facebook, the two images have no explanation, but we’re teased “all will be revealed soon.” You can view both images after the jump.

The Lords of Salem follows a local DJ who plays a cursed record and unwittingly unleashes a coven of 300-year old witches who were secretly imprisoned and tortured during the Salem Witch Trials. It will be in theaters sometime in 2012.

Zombie is doing his best to keep details scarce right now, but rest assured will fill you in with updates as they surface.

Here is the new working poster for The Lords of Salem:

Amy Winehouse Dead

Earlier today, British pop superstar, Amy Winehouse, was found dead in her London home by police at the age of 27. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what words this situation deserves, but if you would like to voice your opinion, TMZ has a poll about various Winehouse events and such. Click here to view these poll questions.


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An Email to Remember

Thu, 1 May 2008 3:11 pm, J. D. ! wrote: Can you please tell me why your ugly fucking bassist won’t answer my e-mails? The pervert obviously knows that he’s just an ugly, worthless waste of life that only gets what he wants from girls that are much younger than him, only because they’re drunk while he claims to be “straight edge”. Are you telling me that straight-edge kids are allowed to completely use and molest girls younger than them while they are intoxicated?I have evidence of Joshua Woodard with me. Saying “You’re nothing but a fuck to me. ” is NOT a thing that a grown man should say to a young girl. Maybe you worthless perverts should’ve thought about your future, instead of ignoring me like cowards?I will do everything in my power to let people know what a disgusting, pathetic individual Joshua Woodard is, and until Victory Records stops promoting a band that allows this individual access to these young kids every single day, I will not stop telling everyone I know, and even people I don’t know, that JOSHUA WOODARD from OCALA FLORIDA whom is in the band A DAY TO REMEMBER, is nothing but a pedophile, and Victory Records PAYS HIM to tour the country and molest girls that are given the false impression that he is something that he isn’t. I will go directly to Victory Records and ruin your careers with hard, factual evidence, and there will be nothing you will ever be able to do to un-do the mistake you made of acting so ignorant and careless about another human beings’ life. Starting today, I will post blog after blog, and make article after article telling people why I feel the way I do, and why and how I know that Joshua Woodard needs to be either put away in prison, or detained from girls younger than him for his entire life. Take this how you want, but I will be a thorn in your side for carrying such useless baggage with you known as the scumbag bassist of your band.

—————– Original Message —————–From: A DAY TO REMEMBER ( NEW SONG UP NOW! )Date: May 2, 2008 11:14 PMIn all seriousness. What would you have me do? I will personally talk to him and tell that shit isn’t cool, and it can’t happen. Other than that. He is a grown man, that should be responsible for his own actions. We are very sorry to you, and the person who was in question. Our band in no way condones that kind of behavior. All I can do is tell you it will be addressed. -jeremy

On Sat, 3 May 2008 3:13 pm, J. D. ! wrote:Also, I would like to inform you that a friendly “That isn’t cool, don’t do that. ” is commendable on your part and is greatly appreciated, however I won’t be deterred by a simple friendly warning on his part. Judging by your personal success, I would not risk your band, as well as your personal name and image being trashed by one freak that can’t keep his hands off of younger girls when given the opportunity. I honestly appreciate your response as I said before, however I cannot simply stop what I am doing because he was “warned” to not do it again. I will cease in certain aspects of the public informing I have taken part in, but any aspect regarding Mr. Woodard(except your band, for now) will be completely publicly addressed for the time being, at least until I see some form of action being done. Judging by the entire incident from details and conversations received, Mr. Woodard somewhat knew exactly what he was doing, when the right timing was, and how to do it. He knew exactly the right things to say to a young person to make them believe and do things that they would normally never do upon normal circumstances; and as role models for a younger generation, this behavior can not in any way, shape, or form be ignored or even slightly forgotten. I respect all of you as musicians, and I certainly do not want to affect your cd sales, fanbase, and image over one bad apple; But I can only hope that you would all choose the right thing to do, and avoid a future incident regarding this man that could affect you as a group. Judging by the physical evidence I have by itself, you can see that there is something seriously wrong. Take into account others that have been used like this, and you could have a pretty serious problem. When the word fully gets out; Your band, as well as Victory Records, may have something huge on your hands. I have nothing wrong with you guys screwing all the women you want, but keep in mind the keyword “women”. These girls won’t speak up because they are brainwashed by his popularity that comes from your music and reputation. I know that these individuals should be intelligent enough to deny, but so should Mr. Woodard. These girls feel honored at the time these things happen, but down the road, these events lead to serious problems that will be publicly addressed and will most likely fall back on you as a group instead of him as a person. I can only hope that you will all choose the right decision regarding this matter, and allow me, and others; to lay this to rest and not consider these people victims of your popularity reputation anymore. Sincerely – J. D.

—————– Original Message —————–From: A DAY TO REMEMBER ( NEW SONG UP NOW! )Date: May 5, 2008 10:53 PM He has been warned.

—————– Original Message —————–From: A DAY TO REMEMBER ( NEW SONG UP NOW! )Date: May 5, 2008 11:02 PMHe said it won’t happen again

On Mon, 5 May 2008 11:58 pm, J. D. ! wrote:That is it?you expect me to stop because he said it won’t happen again?I would at least expect a personal apology, or for you to maybe take incentive to get rid of the risk to your band?If going to his band didn’t cause some moral respect in his brain, I will go to your label and see if they want to deal with something like this. I’m sure they wouldn’t want him touring the country after they see for themselves. If you expect to deter me because he said it won’t happen again, you are wrong. I am only doing this for your bands sake, which is the only reason I haven’t taken this to the level it should be at. I suggest prompt action, and I would also use punctuation in a situation like this, for the sake of making yourself look better as well. Thank you.

A DAY TO REMEMBER ( NEW SONG UP NOW! )Date: May 6, 2008 1:02 PM says
To: – (
Were not kicking someone out of our band because he made a mistake that he has told us would never happen again. If you still want to cause problems for him that’s your own deal. He is a grown man that makes his own decisions. Do what you will. I have been nothing but respectfull to you, and you insult my grammer? I’m done with this whole thing. I did what I said I would. Do what you will.

Official Announcement Regarding Motionless in White parting ways with Guitarist TJ Bell

To all our concerned fans.

We want to clear up all the confusion about the situation with Tj and our band parting ways. We have made the decision to let Tj go from MIW based on many issues we’ve been having with him over the years. As some of you may know.. Tj left our band in the middle of touring with us to fill in on bass for Escape The Fate and gave us NO warning whatsoever before he left. As we came to find out… TJ told ETF’s management and Craig that he had already asked us in MIW how we felt about it and that we agreed. That was NOT the case at all. The Truth is that he showed up to practice 2 days before we left for tour and told us about ALL of this for the first time and said that it was already set in motion and we didn’t have a choice because he was “doing what’s best for TJ”. He basically fucked us last minute. Then to top it off.. decided to let us know that instead of leaving for 5 days as he had mentioned when first telling us about all of this… he was now going to be gone for 9 days. …… he told us this with only a week before leaving with NO time to find a fill in for him whatsoever :/ If our live performance didn’t HEAVILY depend on having 2 guitarists then it wouldn’t have been a huge deal to us.. but unfortunately having 1 guitar player in a band like ours causes your show to suffer greatly. We agreed to let TJ go (even though we didn’t have a choice anyway since TJ already had fights booked and ETF payed for it all) because Chris personally spoke to Craig and sorted all of this confusion out. We love ETF and Craig so we had no problem helping them out even though it was putting us in such a tough spot.

So knowing all of that story, now its time for you guys to see the REAL reasons we let TJ go. The more major reason that we made this tough decision is because a few days before he ended up leaving, all of us in the band got into a pretty big conversation and Tj stated his admission to us that he doesn’t like any of us and is only in MIW because he doesn’t want to go home and have to work a real job. To us… we shouldn’t have to have someone in our band who doesn’t like any of us or who isn’t as passionate as we are about everything pertaining to MIW and our fans which you obviously know we care about greatly. We are over people always asking “Where’s Tj??” because he refuses to go meet fans after shows. We are over the fact that he chooses to get drunk and high everyday and cares more about partying than anything else. I’m sure ANY of you reading this can agree that when you’re in a position like we are, where we are given an AMAZING chance to play music around the world.. you want someone in the band who ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT THE BAND AND THE FANS. Tj has not only been our guitar player.. but more importantly… has been our friend since the beginning of his time in the band… we let all of the things he does that complicate our band slide by without ever threatening to kick him out because he was our friend. So naturally you can see how shocked we were by him saying he cant deal with all of us and why it makes sense for the better of the band.

Hopefully you guys will understand where we are coming from as it wasn’t an easy decision and was not done out of revenge or anger or disrespect. We have NO plans to carry on any drama with Tj over this as we wish him the best and none of us have any bad blood with him personally. We simply just want what’s best for MIW and hope you can all respect that as well knowing that we did this for all the right reasons. Thank you all for all of your amazing support and concern with everything as always<3

Motionless In White.

Brokencyde tells their story

Two nights ago, members of BROKENCYDE were involved in a violent altercation with Punchline drummer Cory Muro following Brokencyde’s show at the Smiling Moose in Muro’s hometown of Pittsburgh. Last night, we got Muro’s side of the story and today, Brokencyde vocalist MICHAEL “MIKL” SHEA offers up his perspective. Once you’ve got both sides, tell us who you think is in the right.

How did this begin?
We were on our bus outside the venue before [Muro and his friend Johnny Grushecky] started talking badly to our merch girl and began to slander us as individuals. People were talking trash all day long—even the manager of the Smiling Moose knew they were bashing us.

Did you know Muro or that he’s in Punchline?
We didn’t know who they were. They were just a group of guys standing outside a bar yelling unneeded remarks towards our group.

So what happened?
Our merch girl was locking up the bus and one of the Punchline guys pointed at her and said, “Go fuck yourself. You’re a piece of shit.” She told us people were disrespecting her for no reason. Then all of a sudden, they started yelling at all the members of Brokencyde saying, “Fuck you,” “Fuck your music” and “You’re a faggot-ass pedophile.” [Grushecky] came up to two members of Brokencyde and said, “Fuck you” and then a punch was thrown. At that point, one of our guys hit Grushecky. When he fell down, Muro jumped in and started to choke out one of us—which is when he got punched in the eye. After Muro stood up, he just continued to bash us. Grushecky—the initiator of the fight—was in a corner being held back and then he threw a punch and hit [vocalist David “Se7en” Gallegos] in the face. This blonde girl with them (presumably Grushecky’s sister) pushed him by the face while screaming. We went back to our bus and Grushecky ran toward the bus to fight some more, but he was pushed back. No one was “jumped” at all. Muro stood there and said, “I’ve been playing music way longer than any of you!”, “You’re not real musician!” and “Quit music. Remember Punchline!” He just kept yelling. We’ve dealt with this since we’ve started, so we’re used to it. But when they started to disrespect a girl and us as people, it changed everything.

How did it end?
We went back on the bus and left. It was only a minute or so. One of our guys had a scratch on his face, our singer had his piercing ripped [out] and his arms have lumps from trying to break it up. We didn’t take pictures and post them online—we just dealt with it and let it go.

Were police involved?
We heard the cops came, but nobody ever talked to us.

Obviously this isn’t the first time you guys have endured people taking verbal jabs at you, but has it gotten physical in the past?
We are so used to people talking bad about us, but we don’t care. People have opinions and we respect them. We never let it get physical—we don’t like violence. We’re really nice guys and love everyone and respect all artists. What made it escalate was them disrespecting our merch girl and us as people.

Seems like people instinctively side against you when they hear news like this. Why do you think that’s the case?
Just because of who they think we are and the music we make. If the tables were turned, people would be praising these guys for beating us up. It’s a double standard for us because of our name and the music we make. It’s really unfair. Our Facebook and Twitter have been full of nothing but hate and threats toward us [since the incident], and we haven’t once said anything bad back to them or [Punchline]. Were moving forward while Muro is sadly using this as a way for his band to benefit from the hate we already have.

What are your thoughts on people starting this type of incident over music?
We feel bad about the whole situation and wish it never happened. No one was jumped; the rest of it was a shoving match to break it up. We just stood up for ourselves and a girl they were bashing. It’s sad that Muro posted a picture from the incident and created a website promoting his band and their new album less than an hour after the altercation. It’s really immature and sad. Everyone has their taste in music, and new genres have been created throughout the history of music. We’re just trying to bring something new and just have fun. If you don’t agree with it, that’s fine. We respect that. We don’t do this for money or fame. We do this every single day for our fans.  Music is music, and we respect every artist out there no matter what they do. alt

Cory Muro of Punchline speaks out about Brokencyde

Monday night outside of the Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh, Punchline drummer CORY MURO (who lives in town) got embroiled in a violent altercation with members of Brokencyde following their performance there. That much is certain. But after fists were thrown, another fight stirred online as both sides and their respective supporters promptly took to Facebook and Twitter with a few more verbal jabs. Punchline’s stance was that Muro was “jumped” and Brokencyde claimed Muro antagonized them first. Brokencyde vocalist David “Se7en” Gallegos tweeted, “Crazy streetbrawl! Just fucked this guys face up. My bad!!!! BC boys destroyed those fools… BAD!” 

But what really happened? In this exclusive interview, Muro tells Altpress his side of the story. (You can read Brokencyde’s version here.)

Are you the sort of guy who gets into fights like this a lot or was this a rare event?
I am not the type to be in fights at all. You can tell from what all the Punchline fans are saying online. That isn’t me. The only fights I’ve ever been in were to break them up.

Why were you at the Smiling Moose?
Me and a friend Johnny Grushecky were drinking at our favorite bar next-door and it happened when we were leaving. 

How did it begin?
Me and both of my bands have been playing music our whole lives. It is our lives. We don’t have jobs, we do nothing but play music and play shows. We don’t agree with the so-called music Brokencyde make. When we saw the singer outside their bus, I told him I don’t like his band’s music or the messages in it. He ran onto the bus and ten seconds later, the whole band and crew came sprinting out of the bus and straight for my friend.

Then what happened?
The singer–I think his name is Dave [Gallegos]–suckerpunched  Johnny and broke his nose. At that point, I grabbed [Gallegos] around the neck and brought him to the ground in a chokehold. Next thing I know, I was getting kicked in the head and blacked out for a couple seconds. When I came to, I was covered in blood and still getting kicked. I managed to get up and realized they had Johnny up against a door. It was about six-on-one and they weren’t stopping. As people saw what was happening—including everyone who works at the Smiling Moose—they started to come split it up. [Brokencyde] even hit Johnny’s sister, Desiree, in the chest when she tried splitting it up. Once Brokencyde realized they were the ones everyone was against at this point, they jumped back on their bus, hit a parked car and fled the scene.

Were the cops involved?
The cops showed up, took a report and talked to the witnesses. The [employees of] the Smiling Moose told the cops that they saw everything and we were telling the truth—also that Brokencyde had been giving them problems all night. There was also a girl flipping out about her underage friends being stuck on the bus.

Did anyone go to the hospital?
Yeah, I received three staples in my head and Johnny has a broken nose.

How do you feel about fans who threaten to lash out at Brokencyde?
I do not support Punchline fans taking action in any illegal fashion, but I urge them to speak freely about what happened and [to spread the word] that Brokencyde are not a real band or good people. I hope this opens people’s eyes up to what is happening in music, and that it’s okay to stand up against it. But it’s not okay for ten guys to jump two just because we don’t stand for singing about “getting our penis sucked” or girls “being our whores.” [Brokencyde] are a disgusting group of intruders who call themselves a band. It’s time they make their way out and let real music have a chance. alt

Such Gold confirms stabbing rumor

Such Gold vocalist Ben Kotin has released a statement confirming that he was stabbed three times at a party three weeks ago.

Earlier this month, his band announced they would be canceling their upcoming tour dates due to a “serious incident” involving a member of the band, and rumors began swirling about the alleged violent incident. Today, Kotin has come forward with a statement addressing what happened and what the future holds for Such Gold. He says he’s “lucky to be alive” and that the band have enlisted a friend to fill in for him on the band’s May tour dates.

Kotin says, “First of all, I would like to apologize for pulling out of the Manscout Jamboree tour so last minute, but I assure you that we would not bail on such an amazing tour without a good reason. There have been a lot of rumors flying around the Internet and I think it’s about time to clarify things. About three weeks ago, I was stabbed multiple times outside of a party. I can’t go into any details, but I will say that I’m lucky to be alive. I want to thank all my friends and band mates who saved my life. I’m very sorry to leave you all to decipher whether the rumors were true or not for so long but I felt it was necessary to keep to myself for a certain period of time. There’s no telling exactly when I will be well enough to perform again but Such Gold will be doing some dates in the month of May with one of my best friends Skylar, from an awesome Massachusetts based band called Building, filling in for me. I ask that you treat him with as much respect as you would me or anyone in this band. Again I’m very sorry to leave you to speculate on what happened for so long. I can’t wait to get back on the road and hang with all the amazing friends and fans that I’ve met over these past few years. I also want to thank everyone who did know about this for their love and support throughout these past few weeks. Every day I wish we could be hanging out with The Wonder Years, Fireworks, Make Do And Mend and Living With Lions but soon enough Such Gold will be coming back harder than ever and I can’t wait!”

Source: Alt Press