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Black Cards: Album Appearences

“Cassadee Way: List of artists that we can expect on the BC album?

Black Cards: travie ccoy tyga neon trees shaggy gabe saporta and a few others…”

Taken from the Black Card’s Q&A. A past Q&A said Tyler from Neon Trees will be on the song “Summer Nights” (tentatively titled) on their debut record.

The Black Cards are Outcast’s…

“Max Angles: what song did you guys pick to cover on the tour?

Black Cards: “hey yea” by outcast???”

Taken from the Black Card’s Q&A. Perhaps we can expect this cover on their new tour with Travie McCoy this spring!

Black Cards and Panic! at the Disco tour?

“S**** Perez: Black cards and patd would be amazing together…have you guys thought about doing a song together?

Black Cards: what if we did a tour together maaaaaaybe??? not saying!”

This is taken from the Black Card’s facebook from the Q&A they hold every time Pete Wentz can’t sleep.